Smart and White Ops Partner To Safeguard Digital Advertising from Fraud and Abuse

White Ops Advertising Integrity provides Smart with protection against ad fraud across all possible devices, formats and buying models, including integrations in the CTV/OTT segment

NEW YORK & PARIS—March 4, 2021—Smart, the independent ad tech platform, and White Ops, the global leader in collective protection against sophisticated bot attacks and fraud, today announced a partnership to fight advertising fraud and invalid traffic. Fully integrated within Smart’s advertising platform, White Ops’ Advertising Integrity enables pre-bid protection of Smart’s inventory and ensures publishers’ and buyers’ safety from malicious and sophisticated fraud.

Sophisticated invalid traffic poses a significant threat to the digital advertising industry. Leveraging White Ops’ technology, Smart will protect media buyers against fraud at the ad call level, investigating bid requests for signs of automation before being sent to any Demand-Side Platform (DSP). Smart’s publishers will be able to curate their traffic to eliminate Sophisticated Invalid Traffic (SIVT) and maximize selling potential on all formats and devices—including CTV/OTT—whether sold through programmatic or direct channels.

”Smart is committed to providing a transparent, integrated platform that simplifies digital transactions and ensures trust through brand safety and efficiency,” said Jean-Christophe Peube, Vice President, Analytics & Quality at Smart. “This is especially vital for the CTV/OTT segment, where high demand for quality inventory creates an attractive opportunity for fraudsters and other bad actors. The integration of White Ops—the most trusted SIVT detection vendor—is an important step in Smart’s mission to build an advertising environment founded upon quality and integrity.”

White Ops today verifies more than ten trillion digital interactions per week, working directly with the largest internet platforms, DSPs and exchanges. With White Ops Advertising Integrity, platforms can tap into the most comprehensive pre-bid prevention and post-bid detection capabilities to verify the validity of advertising efforts across all channels. The White Ops bot mitigation platform uses a multilayered detection methodology to spot and stop sophisticated bots and fraud by using technical evidence, continuous adaptation, machine learning and threat intelligence. In most cases, White Ops delivers responses to partners in milliseconds before a bid is made, saving time and money and ensuring that their advertising inventory can be trusted and fraud-free.

“Fighting ad fraud requires more than just a feature,” said Jason Fink, Partnerships Lead at White Ops. “Dedicated focus and collaborative effort are needed to win this battle. This partnership allows us to protect the Smart platform and improves our ability to protect the ecosystem. As the first company accredited by MRC for pre- and post-bid coverage against SIVT on all platforms, we are fully committed to winning this battle with fraudsters.”

Smart puts traffic quality and ad quality at the core of its vertically-integrated advertising platform to secure both media buyers’ and media sellers’ transactions by detecting and blocking any malicious threats. White Ops brings privacy-by-design technology to identify threat categories from automated fraud attempts.