MediaGuard detects and mitigates sophisticated bot activity automatically preventing bots from affecting inventory quality, harming platform reputations and stealing from advertisers to maximize spend and trust in digital advertising.

The PARETO Operation

HUMAN, along with Google, Roku, Omnicom Media Group, Magnite, The Trade Desk, and our partners in The Human Collective, collaborated on the disruption of the most sophisticated CTV-focused operation to date.

Prevent Bots
in Real-Time

Advertisers can protect against fraudulent traffic in real-time, before the bid. HUMAN gains context into each impression, meaning that we don’t just rely on list-based lookups and blocklists of suspicious IPs and code signatures.

Instead, we look at the session-level of each impression and reference our global detection knowledge base to identify ad fraud within milliseconds. Moreover, we don’t stop traffic unless we’re sure it’s fake, so the humans you want to see your ad will see it, and only the sophisticated bots will get shut down.

How does MediaGuard work?

Using our multilayered detection methodology, MediaGuard relies on request-level analysis of every impression to more accurately detect and prevent today’s dynamic bots.

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Detect Bots Without Compromising User Experience

MediaGuard offers advertisers real-time visibility and active protection against malicious bot activity regardless of medium: desktop, mobile app, mobile web, and CTV platforms are all protected. Our detection tags execute asynchronously, meaning that there is no impact on site load times or performance.

Maximize Your
Ad Spend

Active Mitigation

Improve Inventory Quality

Actively prevent invalid traffic across desktop, mobile web, mobile app, and CTV environments in real-time before a bid is ever made on an impression to strengthen reputations with demand partners.

Passive Mitigation

Monitor Supply Sources

Monitor activity from humans and malicious bots across digital impressions to gain insights into inventory quality and take necessary actions with suppliers.

Self-Monitoring & Reputation Protection

Self-Monitoring and Reputation Protection

Proactively monitor for sophisticated bot activity within digital advertising efforts to maximize ad spend and ensure campaigns are only reaching humans.

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How MediaGuard can help:



HUMAN unravels the most sophisticated CTV fraud scheme: PARETO.



Index Exchange and MediaMath join the Human Collective.



What HUMAN's new MRC accreditations mean.



How app spoofing works and how fraudsters get paid by doing it.

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“Pre-bid is a difference-maker for FreeWheel, and indicative of our focus on trust and standards. HUMAN is an industry leader in fraud prevention – ever expanding their capabilities across platforms, and rooting out non-human aspects of the ecosystem to stop fraud in its tracks and give our industry confidence that every impression is real.”

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"Meeting industry standards against fraud is fine, but we have done significantly better with HUMAN. Each fraudulent impression that we stop means more money in our farmers' pockets."


"By combining our own proprietary tools and processes with those of HUMAN, and focusing on measurably superior outcomes, we can identify and avoid fraud and other undesirable activity, allowing our customers to focus on bettering the overall programmatic journey for the end user."


"HUMAN is always on the cutting edge; we feel better protected from malicious activity in the ecosystem and we’re building trust with our advertisers and buyers.”

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