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Account Takeover Defense


Stop automated account takeover attacks by blocking mass credential stuffing and cracking attempts and neutralizing stolen or breached credentials.
Human-Account Takeover Module-Defend Your Online Accounts
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Stop account takeover attacks.

HUMAN protects account authentication and stays one step ahead of attackers to minimize the cost and likelihood of an attack.
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Protect Account Authentication
Block automated credential stuffing and brute force attacks from getting past the login process.
Human-Account Takeover Module-Stay Ahead of Attackers@2x
Stay Ahead of Attackers

Render compromised account credentials useless—before cybercriminals can use them in an attack.

Human-Account Takeover Module-Minimize the Cost of an Attack@2x
Minimize the Cost of an Attack
Automatically neutralize attempted attacks and spend less time investigating incidents.

Protect Customer Funds

Online accounts that contain real money are a big target for bad actors who want to steal funds or use them to make illicit purchases.

HUMAN helps organizations in banking, financial services, e-commerce, and more by securing their valuable customer accounts against sophisticated account takeover attacks—keeping funds secure and customer experience high.

Human-Account Takeover Module-Reinforce Login Defenses
Human-Account Takeover Module-Reduce the Attacks Surface

Safeguard Sensitive Customer Data

Sensitive Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is a sought-after commodity for fraudsters looking to make a profit. Sensitive data is commonly sold online to other fraudsters, who then use it to perform malicious activities such as ATO attacks or fraudulently applying for credit with the stolen details.

HUMAN helps organizations minimize the risk of negative consequences resulting from account takeover attacks.

Minimize the Cost and Performance Impact of Attacks

Large-scale, sustained ATO attacks can have a significant impact on server workload performance—which is particularly painful during periods of peak customer activity such as holidays or Black Friday.

HUMAN detects and responds at the account perimeter to preemptively stop these attacks. Bot-or-not decisions are made in under 2ms and server-to-server calls are only executed in less than 5% of requests—ensuring workload performance remains high. 

Human-Account Takeover Module-Platform Type
Protect your applications with a purpose-built package.

Account Takeover Defense is part of HUMAN’s Application Protection Package, a set of solutions to secure web and mobile applications from a range of cyberthreats.

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40% of organizations are
concerned about ATOs

HUMAN safeguards organizations—and their customers—from account takeover, credential stuffing, and brute force attacks.

Account Takeover Defense
in Action

FanDuel Blocks Credential Stuffing and ATO

FanDuel Group, a sports-tech entertainment company, uses HUMAN to stop ATO attacks—without sacrificing the user experience.
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of bad bot traffic stopped
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fraudulent logins neutralized per second
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“We seamlessly integrated Bot Defender at our platform edge (AWS CloudFront) to ensure maximum protection against automated bot attacks, but also to minimize latency.”

 Alan Murray, Senior Director, Architecture

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“The protection that HUMAN provides gives us the confidence to explore new markets and expand our relationships with our business partners. We frequently mention that HUMAN is part of our tech stack because we have seen first-hand how effective it is in combating bots and keeping our customer data secure.”

 CTO, Laybuy

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Laybuy Protects Customers and Merchants from ATO

Laybuy, a leading buy now, pay later service, needed to ensure that customer data was safe and transactions were secure. This meant protecting against account takeover (ATO) and digital skimming.
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threats neutralized
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customers and merchants
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