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Stop fraudsters from launching automated content scraping and data harvesting attacks on your platform.
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How does HUMAN stop web scraping?

HUMAN safeguards your applications from web scraping by identifying and blocking sophisticated bot attacks with exceptional accuracy.
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Maintain Your Competitive Edge

Stop bots from accessing pages at scale to scrape your content and pricing information.

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Control Who Sees and Scrapes Your Content
Identify the bots crawling your site, so you can choose whether to block, allow, or display alternative content..
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Optimize Resources
Reduce bandwidth strain, prevent wasted infrastructure spend, and save time spent manually responding to bots.

Maintain Your Competitive Edge

Search engines and comparison sites rely on good bots to capture and aggregate product and pricing data from across the web, making it easy for humans to find information. But bad actors also use malicious bots to crawl your site and scrape your account.

HUMAN Scraping Defense safeguards your web and mobile applications from scraping bots,—using behavioral profiles, machine learning, and real-time sensor data to identify sophisticated scraping attacks with exceptional accuracy.

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Prevent Restricted Data Harvesting

Automated scraping bots harvest information from your platform at scale. Scrapers copy entire websites or target specific pages for restricted or valuable data to exploit. 

When malicious scraping is detected, HUMAN Scraping Defense delivers optimal bot management using a range of mitigation actions, including hard blocks, honeypots, misdirection, and serving deceptive content—to reduce your risk of a costly breach.

Improve Your Bottom Line

Scraping traffic taxes your infrastructure and increases its costs. It also skews your web analytics, leading to suboptimal business decisions.

HUMAN verifies the humanity of 20 Trillion interactions every week, and our entire network benefits from that threat intelligence. HUMAN Scraping Defense filters out scraping bots from real human traffic and protects against layer 7 DDoS attacks. This improves the quality of your marketing efforts, reduces costs, and boosts platform profitability.

HUMAN-Scraping Module-Improve your bottom line

Web scraping can cost your business up to 80% of its website revenue

HUMAN Scraping Defense stops competitive assaults and confidential data harvesting to mitigate your risks from malicious web scraping.

Optimize Profitability and
Customer Experience

Crunchbase Blocks Bots to Optimize Customer Experience

Legitimate users were being blocked by the existing bot management solution. This reflected badly on the company and frustrated users, so Crunchbase turned to HUMAN’s powerful and accurate solution for mitigating web scraping.

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50 million

professionals’ trust ensured
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1 billion

calls to HUMAN API each year
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“The solution is invaluable in stopping the bots that can scrape or compromise our data.”

Head of Engineering, Crunchbase

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“With HUMAN, our conversation rate of look-to-book search to booking went up about 20% almost instantaneously.”

Head of DevOps,
Online Hotel Metasearch Engine

Online Hotel Metasearch Engine Stops Scraping Attacks

The platform experienced a high volume of scraping attacks. After implementing HUMAN, the company was able to increase conversions and marketing ROI, reduce infrastructure costs, and improve business decision making.

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20% increase

in conversions
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20% decrease

in server usage
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