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Scraping Defense


Stop bots from scraping your web content and pricing.
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Stop automated web scraping

HUMAN uses advanced machine learning, intelligent fingerprinting, and behavioral analysis to detect and mitigate scraping bots.
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Keep Your Competitive Edge

Stop bots from stealing your content and pricing to repost, resell, or undercut your organization.

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Gain Visibility and Control
Get insight into bot visitors, so your team can block, allow, or display alternative content.
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Optimize Resources
Reduce bandwidth strain, wasted infrastructure spend, and save time spent manually responding to bots.

Stop Content and Price Scraping

Competitors use bots to scrape retailer websites to undercut pricing, resell items for profit, repost content without permission, or otherwise compete unfairly. HUMAN detects and mitigates scraping bot attacks, so brands keep their competitive edge.

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Monitor and Control Scraping Bots

Many organizations rely on good bots—such as search engine crawlers—to scrape and aggregate data from across the web. HUMAN provides visibility into what bots are crawling your site and responds appropriately to allow them to proceed unimpeded, display alternative content, or block them.

Avoid Infrastructure Strain

Bot traffic taxes your bandwidth and slows web performance. HUMAN blocks scraping bots at or near the edge, before they hit your application server. This minimizes latency, preserves user experience, and prevents wasted infrastructure spend.

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Protect your applications with a purpose-built package.

Scraping Defense is part of HUMAN’s Application Protection Package, a set of solutions on the Human Defense Platform to secure web and mobile applications from a range of cyberthreats.

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Scraping attacks have
risen 107% YoY

Scraping Defense stops scraping bot attacks on web and mobile applications and APIs.

HUMAN Protects Against
Web Scraping

Crunchbase Blocks Bots to Optimize Customer Experience

Legitimate users were blocked by Crunchbase’s existing bot management solution. This reflected badly on the company and frustrated users. Crunchbase turned to Scraping Defense to mitigate web scraping.

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50 Million

professionals’ trust ensured
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1 Billion

calls to HUMAN API each year
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“The solution is invaluable in stopping the bots that can scrape or compromise our data.”

Head of Engineering, Crunchbase

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“With HUMAN, our conversion rate of look-to-book search to booking went up about 20% almost instantaneously.”

Head of DevOps,
Online Hotel Metasearch Engine

Online Hotel Metasearch Engine Stops Scraping Attacks

The platform experienced a high volume of scraping attacks. After implementing HUMAN, the company increased conversions and marketing ROI, reduced infrastructure costs, and improved decision-making. 

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20% increase

in conversions
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20% decrease

in server usage
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