Combine and enhance your bot-defeating capabilities to protect your business and the internet as a whole.

Cybersecurity works best when technology works together. HUMAN offers deep integrations between your existing platforms and solutions and our Human Verification Engine-powered products.

We integrate with leading cloud platforms:

Integrations Directory

Application - Web and mobile

Human Security-Integrations Directory-Javascript


Human Security-Integrations Directory-Apple SDK

Apple SDK

Human Security-Integrations Directory-Android SDK

Android SDK

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Human Security-Integrations Directory-AWS logo


Ensure bot-free, low latency traffic over AWS CloudFront via Lambda@Edge
Human Security-Integrations Directory-Cloudflare logo


Enhanced bot protection for your web applications distributed on Cloudflare’s CDN with HUMAN Bot Defender
Human-New Fastly Logo


Secure applications accessed from serverless Compute@Edge resources from malicious bots with Fastly & HUMAN

Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Human Security-Integrations Directory-Ping Identity

Ping Identity

Orchestrate authentication workflows free of malicious bots with Ping Identity and HUMAN Bot Defender
Human Security-Integrations Directory-Okta


Continuously authenticate users with Okta and HUMAN Bot Defender

Web Server


Human Security-Integrations Directory-AWS logo


Available on AWS Marketplace
Human Security-Integrations Directory-Google Cloud

Google Cloud Platform

Available on Google Cloud Platform Marketplace
Human Security-Integrations Directory-Snowflake


Available on Snowflake Data Marketplace

Marketing Analytics

Human Security-Integrations-Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Human Security-Integrations Directory-Adobe Analytics logo

Adobe Analytics

Tag Managers

Human Security-Integrations-Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Human Security-Integrations Directory-Adobe Analytics logo

Adobe Analytics

Ad-Tech Platforms

Human Security-Integrations Directory-Media Math


HUMAN protects the inventory for this independent advertising technology company that delivers off-the-shelf and custom demand-side platform capabilities for brands to reach and influence customers and prospects on any screen.
Human Security-Integrations Directory-Yahoo


HUMAN defends the inventory of this digital media giant that enables companies to leverage consent-based, first-party data to provide meaningful and relevant ad experiences to audiences, while respecting consumer choice and privacy.
Human Security-Integrations Directory-The Tradedesk

The Trade Desk

HUMAN safeguards the inventory for this global advertising technology company that enables ad buyers to create, manage, and optimize digital advertising campaigns across ad formats and devices.
Human Security-Integrations Directory-Xandr logo


HUMAN safeguards the supply-side inventory for this global technology platform and marketplace for premium advertising
Human Security-Integrations Directory-Freewheel


HUMAN protects the inventory for this provider of comprehensive ad platforms for publishers, advertisers, and media buyers which is powered by premium video content, robust data and advanced technology.
Human Security-Integrations Directory-Gum Gum

Gum Gum

HUMAN safeguards the inventory for this leading contextual intelligence platform for online media.
Human Security-Integrations Directory-Yieldmo


HUMAN ensures the inventory for this leading advertising technology company that operates a smart exchange that differentiates and enhances the value of ad inventory for buyers and sellers is free from fraud.
Human Security-Integrations Directory-Index Exchange

Index Exchange

HUMAN helps this global advertising marketplace enabling media owners to grow revenue by helping marketers reach consumers on any screen, through any format without the threat of fraud.


HUMAN safeguards the inventory for this leading ad platform built for TV streaming, designed to reach a wider audience from the biggest screen in the home to the smaller ones in your hand, creating a better ad experience for everyone.

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For each of the 2 trillion-plus interactions verified by HUMAN each day, up to 2,500 signals are parsed through over 350 algorithms to reach a single critical decision - bot or not.

The largest enterprises and internet platforms trust HUMAN to collectively protect themselves and the internet from the most human-like automated bots. Join them.

HUMAN is trusted by the largest enterprises and internet platforms to protect them from the most human-like bots.



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