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Ensure bot-free, low latency traffic over CloudFront via Lambda@Edge

Seamlessly protect your cloud-native web and mobile applications running on AWS infrastructure from sophisticated bots masquerading as humans with the unmatched scale, speed and precision of the Human Verification Engine


AWS Bot Control is limited to rules-based validation of IP addresses and HTTP headers, which are easily overcome by sophisticated bots


Use CloudFront via Lambda@Edge to deploy HUMAN's detection tag without performing any modification to underlying application code

Protect applications at the origin and the edge of AWS infrastructure with the HUMAN Verification Engine's multilayered detection methodology

Integrate AWS CloudFront with BotGuard for Applications

to protect web and mobile applications from:

Human-Solutions-Account Takeover@2x
Account Takeover
Human-Solutions-New Account Fraud@2x
New Account Fraud
Human-Solutions-Payment Fraud@2x
Payment Fraud
Human-Solutions-Content Manipulation@2x
Content Manipulation
Human-Solutions-Content Scraping@2x
Content Scraping
& PII Harvesting
Human-Solutions-Denial of Inventory & Stockouts@2x
Denial of Inventory & Stockouts
Yes, it's true - There is...


For each of the 2 trillion-plus interactions verified by HUMAN each day, up to 2,500 signals are parsed through over 350 algorithms to reach a single critical decision - bot or not.

The largest enterprises and internet platforms trust HUMAN to collectively protect themselves and the internet from the most human-like automated bots. Join us.

HUMAN is trusted by the largest enterprises and internet platforms to protect them from the most human-like bots.