Advertising Protection for Platforms


Safeguard your ad tech platform and maximize your revenue potential by detecting and mitigating fraud before the bid and delivering validated supply.

Advertising Protection Tailored for You

Comprehensive coverage.
Unmatched human support.

Prevent Loss Due to
Ad Fraud
Keep your inventory free from fraud across all channels with pre-bid mitigation or post-bid detection.
Ensure Ads Are Free From Malvertising
Scan creatives and landing pages for malicious behaviors to prevent malvertising—with fewer false negatives.
Implement Ad Quality Standards
Filter unwanted advertisers and creatives with sophisticated scanning methods and machine-learning models.

What are your challenges?

HUMAN’s Advertising Package for platforms is customizable based on your challenges. Select your challenges below to start creating your package.

Reputation of my inventory has been compromised

Fraud is impacting my bidded inventory

Remediation discussions with supply partners are time sinks

Malvertising is driving complaints from my publisher clients

Publishers are complaining about the quality of the ads we are sending

Advanced Capabilities

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Unparalleled Accuracy
Holistic Protection
Deterministic Decisions
Granular Control
Reduced Latency
Actionable Insights
Make a trusted customer experience your competitive advantage.

HUMAN’s visibility generates unique telemetry data at every touchpoint
along the customer journey to protect your most critical attack surfaces.

We verify more than 20 trillion digital interactions weekly across 3 billion unique devices—providing unrivaled threat telemetry.
Our Decision Engine examines 2,500+ signals per interaction, connecting disparate data to detect anomalies in mere milliseconds.
Decision Precision
Signals from across the customer journey are analyzed by 400+ algorithms and adaptive machine learning models to enable high-fidelity decisioning.

Satori Threat Intelligence and Research Team

The Satori team are the detectives of the internet, disrupting and taking down cybercrime at the highest level, leveraging the full capabilities of the HUMAN Advantage.