Satori Threat Intelligence and Research Team Satori Threat Intelligence and Research Team

Satori Threat Intelligence and Research Team


Satori is a Japanese word meaning "comprehension, understanding, and awakening".

The Satori name comes from the team’s goal of bringing a new understanding to the scale, variety, and origin of the threats that sophisticated bots pose.


Data-driven research

The primary focus for the Satori team is to offer data-driven, actionable, evidence-based guidance and context on investigations and recommendations to responses on bot attacks for HUMAN's clients and security practitioners.


HUMAN's mission has always been predicated on leaving the world a better place than we found it. Satori's goal is to serve that mission through research on digital fraud, botnet attacks, and other security threats.

Creativity in problem solving

We believe that creativity expresses itself in myriad ways, including in the selection of research topics, the development of clever and unique mechanisms for detecting and stopping sophisticated bots, and the translation of technical investigations into business impacts.


Satori aims to demonstrate that creativity in all its research and publications.

Broad and deep focus

The Satori team is composed of more than seventy experts in threat intelligence, threat detection, engineering, and go-to-market. Meaningful research isn't limited to any one aspect of the bot universe, and the backgrounds of Satori's team members reflect the diversity of the challenge.


Members of the Satori team have a passion for shining a light on the corners of the bot universe that aren't frequently exposed.

Supporting the community

A rising tide lifts all ships: when Satori delivers compelling research, the whole community benefits from that expertise. HUMAN's customers directly benefit from the fruits of that research being built into HUMAN's protection, and the technology community as a whole gains new insight into new tactics in the bot universe.


Our mission is to protect the integrity of the internet by verifying the humanity of every online interaction and disrupt the economics of cybercrime. When we serve that mission, we serve all of technology.

Some of Satori's Researchers:

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"The depth and breadth of the skills that Satori’s researchers have is phenomenal. From former intelligence officials to white-hat hackers to go-to-market experts and engineers, we have a wonderful luxury of a talented team and a broad bailiwick to work in. I’m eager to see what Satori produces this year and beyond."

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"I'm especially interested in helping translate from the language of cyber threats and fraud to the language of business impacts, and I'm looking forward to helping our team explore not just the fraud models and bots in the wild, but the tangible results those threats have on the businesses they target. We have a valuable chance to keep the internet human."

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"There's an extraordinary amount of creativity at HUMAN: creativity in uncovering and reverse-engineering threats on the internet, creativity in exploring new ways to tell our story, and creativity in designing the mechanisms to identify fake traffic when it shows up on your doorstep."

HMN_031721_Satori_Desktop_Adam Sell HMN_031721_Satori_Mobile_Adam Sell-1


"Bot mitigation and fraud protection aren't limited to any one corner of the internet - there's so much more to what we can do. I'm eager to see where we can expose fraud and help folks understand what comes next."

HMN_031721_Satori_Desktop_Dimitris HMN_031721_Satori_Mobile_Dimitris-1


"The skills and talents present in Satori represent the ‘best of the best’ in the cyber security industry. We have former agency and military intelligence analysts, data scientists, white hat security practitioners, and advanced engineers investigating, detecting and taking down many of the most complex threats and cybercriminal organizations."

HMN_031721_Satori_Desktop_Megan Baker HMN_031721_Satori_Mobile_Megan Baker


"The expansion of the Satori team to include go-to-market experts, specialists on business impacts, and engineers will strengthen our customer relationships by demonstrating the value of data-driven research in the fight against fraud."

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