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HUMAN protects the websites, mobile applications and APIs of public sector bodies including government portals and citizen service platforms. HUMAN Bot Defender helps public sector security and fraud leaders stop automated fraud and detect emerging threats.

Bot Defender helps stop automated user account creation using stolen or fake details, prevents account takeover attacks through credential stuffing and brute force, while allowing the application security team to minimize CAPTCHA and MFA friction for real human users.
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HUMAN is leading the charge against public sector bot attacks and fraud with solutions that prevent cybercriminals from account takeovers and scraping content.

HUMAN safeguards public sector organizations from sophisticated bot attacks and fraud to keep their digital experiences human. HUMAN’s modern defense strategy enables internet-class scale and observability, superior detection techniques and hacker intelligence & takedowns empowering HUMAN to defeat attackers, improving the digital experience for citizens.

By automatically detecting and preventing unwanted bot traffic, security and operations teams can gain control of application traffic and minimize the wasted infrastructure costs caused by bots. By stopping bots before they login to your citizen portal, fraud teams can reduce manual investigations of fraudulent transactions.

Advanced Detection and Trusted Protection for Global Organizations
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Government Websites and Citizen Service Platforms

Public sector groups use HUMAN to block sophisticated bots from damaging the web applications and platforms that power digital public services.

Use HUMAN to
Bot Solutions for

Government Organizations

HUMAN works to ensure government data stays in the hands of legitimate users, not bots.

Use HUMAN to
Human-Public Sector-Monitor the Application Layer

Monitor the Application Layer

HUMAN detects at the application layer for large botnet attacks, a space where attacks often go unnoticed until it’s too late.
Human-Public Sector-Security Expertise

Public Sector Security Expertise

Collaborate with HUMAN Customer Success teams to get informed guidance and best practices to protect your public organization from bots.
Human-Public Sector-Deploy Detection Tags

Deploy Detection Tags in Minutes

HUMAN can deploy tags quickly, and, using our multilayered detection methodology, verify trillions of interactions.
Human-Public Sector-Maximize Your Mission

Maximize Your Mission

Harden your security with HUMAN and know that reported interactions are real, improving transparency and accountability.
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"HUMAN protects against sophisticated bot attacks from across cybersecurity, online advertising and marketing, giving the company a broad view of nefarious activities on the internet. They take the best approach I’ve seen to stopping attacks as they can see patterns in data that others can’t."

— Art Coviello, Former Chairman, RSA
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"As fraud and abuse become increasingly prevalent across the digital ecosystem, enterprises and internet platforms require sophisticated threat protection now more than ever. HUMAN has proven that they can stop fraud and abuse at tremendous scale."

— Jay Leek, Managing Partner, ClearSky Security
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"Automated attacks on applications creating fraud and abuse is a critical point of risk to every security and marketing team. We look forward to partnering with the team at HUMAN to help clients across a range of industries."

— Dave DeWalt, Managing Partner, NightDragon


for the Public Sector

HUMAN Bot Defender

Application and API protection against sophisticated bot attacks

BotGuard for Growth Marketing

Fraud protection for government and public sector customers and their accounts

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HUMAN Bot Defender

Application and API protection against sophisticated bot attacks

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BotGuard for Growth Marketing

Fraud protection for government and public sector customers and their accounts



HUMAN prevents the impacts of the most sophisticated bots, no matter where or how they try to get in. Get a demo to discover how we can help your government organization know who's real and who's bot.

Resources for the Public Sector

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Let Product Teams Stay Focused on Delighting Customers

Learn how deploying an enterprise-grade bot management solution allowed a the product team to focus on continuing to provide a world-class streaming service rather than dealing with the distractions of defending their site from bot attacks.