Let’s create a united front that is greater than the sum of its parts

HUMAN collaborates with the world's leading technology companies. Together, via interoperability and integrations, we help our technology alliance partners secure and deliver extraordinary digital experiences.

HUMAN protects enterprises and platforms from digital attacks with unmatched scale, speed, and precision. By using our suite of cybersecurity solutions, you can extend our capabilities of internet-class scale and observability, superior detection techniques, and hacker intelligence & takedown experiences to enhance your products and services.

How we help


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Build a custom integration or solution with the power of HUMAN.


The HUMAN Technology Partner Program brings together best-of-breed technologies to help your business close security gaps, protect threat surfaces against automated attacks while improving the CX/UX for your products and services.

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Go-to-market support and resources


We work with and support our technology alliances' partnerships to explore new services, generate revenue, take advantage of increased capabilities, and gain access to expanded markets.

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We work collaboratively with our ecosystem technology partners to continuously and collectively protect and prevent your customers from falling prey to the darker side of the internet by verifying the humanity of trillions of interactions a day.

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Collective protection through technology alliances

We consider our technology alliance partners valued members of our global sales, technical and go-to-market team. We work with our alliance partners to deliver the most comprehensive defense against cybercriminals looking to disrupt our digital way of life.

As a HUMAN Technology Alliance Partner, we work with you to create unique go-to-market approaches and solutions to help you expand your engagement with your customers. By bringing them new insights and technologies through our range of products, services, and threat insight services in concert with your offerings, we all move one step towards a more secure digital life.

Become a Technology Partner

HUMAN collaborates with a wide range of technology providers to bring together solutions that offer compelling value to our customers. To explore technology alliance opportunities, please contact us.

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