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Know Who's Real

Founded in 2012 in a Brooklyn sci-fi bookstore, HUMAN protects enterprises from bot attacks to keep digital experiences human. We have the most advanced Human Verification Engine that protects applications, APIs and digital media from bot attacks, preventing losses and improving the digital experience for real humans.

If you could look like a million humans online, what could you do?

Knowing who’s real is among a handful of enduringly hard problems on the internet. The economic impact is enormous, and so is the impact to modern security.


If you could look like a million humans online, what could you do? It’s harder to imagine many things you couldn’t do. Over the last decade we’ve stopped sophisticated human-like bots designed to do many bad things: take over accounts, manipulate popularity and consensus, steal sensitive data, interact with media and advertising, and snipe or scalp goods and services online, to name a few.


So what would the world look like without these malicious bots?


Keep Applications Human.
Keep Marketing Human.
Keep Advertising Human.
Keep Music Human.
Keep Connected TV Human.
Keep Social Media Human.
Keep E-Commerce Human.
Keep Banking Human.
Keep Healthcare Human.


Our Human Verification Engine protects applications, APIs, and digital media from bot attacks preventing losses and improving the digital experience for real humans. This unique approach enables us to detect, prevent and outwit bot populations of every level of sophistication to disrupt and takedown cyber criminals. We played the lead role in collaborating with the FBI, Google, Facebook and many other partners in the takedown of 3ve, one of the largest botnets ever defeated.

HUMAN is a pro-privacy, pro-human organization. Our privacy-sensitive code detects bots without tracking humans. And that privacy-centric approach has earned the trust of our partners and allowed us to reach an enormous global scale. Our code, running in countless websites and apps every day, verifies the humanity of more than 10 trillion interactions per week and affords us a footprint larger than any single anti-virus or threat detection platform on the internet.


To protect the integrity of the internet by disrupting the economics of cybercrime

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HUMAN was named a Distinguished Vendor for 2021 by TAG Cyber

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CEO Tamer Hassan was named the #1 Most Creative Person in Business by Fast Company

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HUMAN Leadership Team

Tamer Hassan is co-founder and CEO of HUMAN, where he led the takedown of the biggest bot fraud organization 3ve with the help of Google and the FBI. After this huge win for the Internet, Hassan was named The #1 Most Creative Person in Business by Fast Company Magazine as well as one of Ad Age’s 40 Under 40 in 2019. Before his career in fighting botnets, he was the founder and CEO of Compel Data Technologies - a software development and consulting company focused on big data and business intelligence solutions. Hassan’s career began as a major in the U.S. Air Force where he completed multiple combat deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan as a decorated Combat Search and Rescue helicopter pilot and Tactical Officer.

Human - Tamer Human - Tamer

Tamer Hassan

Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder

Michael Tiffany is co-founder and President of HUMAN, where he focuses on product direction, strategic partnerships, and building teams that uphold the HUMAN mission. His founding vision is to make everyday internet users more secure by disrupting the profit centers of cybercrime. Tiffany began his startup career before he could legally purchase alcohol as an executive at Western Integrated Networks, which started with an $889 million Series A round. Throughout Tiffany’s career, he has protected humans from bad actors using innovative security techniques. He is also a lifetime Technical Fellow of Critical Assets Labs, a DARPA-funded cybersecurity research lab, and a Subject Matter Advisor for the Signal Media Project, a nonprofit promoting the accurate portrayal of science, technology and history in popular media. Tiffany is a member of the old school white hat hacker collective ninjas.org.

Human - Michael Human - Michael

Michael Tiffany

President & Co-founder

Jay leads strategy at HUMAN, where he drives tactical direction, M&A, major partnerships, and new opportunities for HUMAN fraud protection at scale. As the first non-founder to join the company full-time back in 2013, Jay has played an integral role in leading revenue generation and fostering adoption of HUMAN technology by the internet’s largest platforms. Before HUMAN, he was President of gamerDNA Media and served as SVP at Emergent Payments.  Jay holds a Bachelor of Science in Communication from Cornell.

Human - Jay Human - Jay

Jay Benach

Chief Strategy Officer

Megan has worked in ad tech for over 12 years, first building her foundation as an ad trafficker at Nielsen and ending most recently as the VP of Global Services at FreeWheel. Megan has a track record in leading large global client services teams focusing on day-to-day customer support, grooming deep client relationships, providing pre- and post-sales technical solutions and program management expertise.

In addition, Megan has been involved with many employee advocacy programs including the launch of the first LGBTQ Employee Resource Group for FreeWheel and championing the ongoing volunteer efforts for various different community organizations including the Crime Victims Treatment Center as a volunteer rape crisis and domestic violence advocate and at the Father's Heart Ministries Soup Kitchen.

Human - Megan Human - Megan

Megan Baker

Senior VP, Customer Success

Thomas J. Miller is a world-class cybersecurity executive and alumnus of Trend Micro, Malwarebytes, and Zscaler. For over thirty-five years, Tom has led sales, marketing, product management, and P&L growth for both public corporations and startups. He has repeatedly led companies through industry IT inflection points, has created scalable go-to-market strategies, and has successfully managed enterprise-wide transformations. Tom’s achievements include:

  • Leading all sales, channel, business development, e-commerce, retail, service provider strategy and go-to-market activity at a high-velocity security company, spanning enterprise, SMB, and consumer security solutions, resulting in 400+ percent growth in three years and a 5x valuation increase in eighteen months.
  • Driving strategic planning and M&A development, all US go-to-market strategy, sales and marketing operations, and key growth initiatives with established industry players. One roadmap resulted in this segment going from -10 percent YoY growth to +25 percent.
  • Delivering 70 percent growth every year, more than 2x the industry growth rate.
  • Receiving 14 Presidents Club Awards, 3 Chairman’s Club Awards, and 3 Sales Rep of the Year Awards.
  • Participating in three successful IPOs driven by key customer successes.
Human - Tom Human - Tom

Tom Miller

Chief Gravity Officer

Rush’s technical and business experience spans 25 years across large and small companies with a focus on entrepreneurship, complexity, and scale. Over the last decade he has lead divisions at American Express and Audible, an Amazon Company. During this time he helped American Express scale one of its financial products 10x and improve resiliency and speed across multiple systems at Audible. He specializes in leading globally diverse software engineering teams to build distributed and highly resilient systems.

Human - Rush Human - Rush

Rush Mehta

Senior VP, Engineering

Mike Aiello has more than 20 years of experience in the technology industry with a focus in cloud security, privacy, risk management, large scale infrastructure security, machine learning and fraud protection. He uses this expertise to fight cybercrime with HUMAN as Chief Product Officer.

Prior to HUMAN, Aiello served as the CEO of AppGate and was previously at Google, where he served as Director of Product Management for Google Cloud Security leading the strategy for Google's enterprise cloud security products. Aiello also served as Chief Information Security Officer at Goldman Sachs where he helped secure and launch Marcus, the company’s digital retail bank, and established the company’s Consumer Trust and Technology Risk Committee.

Aiello earned an MBA from the University of Oxford and a M.S. and B.S. Computer Science, with a focus on Information Assurance, from New York University’s Tandon School of Engineering. Mike serves on boards of cybersecurity focused companies and has authored several patents related to cybersecurity and privacy. 

Human - Mike Human - Mike

Mike Aiello

Chief Product Officer

Michael McNally is an experienced engineering professional with 10+ years of experience leading anti-fraud, spam, and abuse efforts to protect businesses like Google and Facebook. At Facebook, he served as the Director of Engineering of News Feed Integrity, addressing misinformation (“fake news”), adversarial exploitation of feed ranking, and negative user experiences. Prior to that he led the fight against ad fraud at Google, as the Director of Software Engineering: Ad Traffic Quality and Publisher Quality.

McNally brings his engineering prowess to HUMAN as Chief Scientist where he oversees strategies for detection and mitigation of fraudulent and abusive activity. He holds a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science from California State University, Northride and a Masters of Science in Computer Science from UCLA.

Human - Michael M Human - Michael M

Michael McNally

Chief Scientist

Dan has more than 20 years of executive-level experience in technology marketing. He has successfully driven brand leadership and demand generation for large enterprises and fast-growth companies in cyber security, wireless services, and mobile computing. Previously in the cyber security space, Dan was CMO at Digital Shadows, CMO at Invincea (acquired by Sophos), and VP of Marketing at vArmour. Previous roles also include VP of Marketing at Digby (acquired by Phunware), VP of Marketing and Business Development at Wayport (Acquired by AT&T), and marketing leadership roles at IBM ThinkPad, NEC Technologies and Sharp Electronics. Dan holds an MBA in International Business from Rutgers Graduate School of Management and a Bachelor of Science from Rider University.

Human - Dan Human - Dan

Dan Lowden

Chief Marketing Officer

Isaac comes to HUMAN with 20 years of finance, strategy, and technology leadership experience at a variety of Venture and Private Equity backed companies.

Prior to HUMAN, Isaac was CFO at Thrive Global, a company focused on providing Mental Wellness software solutions to the Fortune 100, as well as the CFO at Andela, a company that builds engineering teams with Africa’s most talented software developers - building it to over 2000 employees across 6 African countries.

Prior to Andela, Isaac was the COO/CFO of Kaseya, a SaaS technology company with over 7000 customers and 400 employees, as well as VP of Finance and Operations at Yodle, a digital marketing automation company based in New York.

Earlier in his career, Isaac worked at Deloitte Consulting, Computer Associates and Dell. He holds an MBA from NYU Stern, as well as a B.S. from Penn State University.

Human - Isaac HMN_031721_Website_About_720x750_Isaac

Isaac Itenberg

Chief Financial Officer

Derek Eassey joined HUMAN in March 2019 to lead the People Ops team. He has worked in the People function for the last 12 years, 8 of which have been in high-growth tech organizations across New York City. Through coaching, mentoring, and managing, Eassey strives to bring out the best in all humans.

Prior to joining HUMAN, he headed up the global people operations function of a digital consumer intelligence company based in the U.K. with a focus on career development, empowerment, and engagement. Eassey led the charge to create an inclusive, supportive, and collaborative environment where all humans are able to grow professionally and personally while doing their best work. He prioritizes being empathetic and listening to all voices, inside and outside the office. 

Human - Derek Human - Derek

Derek Eassey

Head of People

Andrew Rabie is a self-taught hacker and cybersecurity extraordinaire with more than 25 years of experience protecting enterprises from cyberattacks and fraud. As HUMAN’s Head of IT/Security, he strives to make security a part of every human's journey so they can safely and seamlessly do the best work of their lives.

Previously, Andrew served as the Chief Information Security Officer of The New York Times Company and The Madison Square Garden Company. He is passionate about working with organizations invested in security and solving the biggest challenges with smart people. When he’s not making the internet a safer place, he’s working through old school video games with his kid. Andrew would include information about what school he went to, but he’s still on his gap year(s). 

Human - Drew Human - Drew

Andrew Rabie

Head of IT and Security

WO_Testimonial_jay3 WO_Testimonial_mobile_jay2

"As fraud and abuse become increasingly prevalent across the digital ecosystem, enterprises and internet platforms require sophisticated threat protection now more than ever. HUMAN has proven that they can stop fraud and abuse at tremendous scale."

Jay Leek, Managing Partner, ClearSky Security

WO_Testimonial_dave3 WO_Testimonial_mobile_dave2

"Automated attacks on applications creating fraud and abuse is a critical point of risk to every security and marketing team. We look forward to partnering with the team at HUMAN to help clients across a range of industries."

Dave DeWalt, Managing Partner, NightDragon

WO_Testimonial_art3 WO_Testimonial_mobile_art2

"HUMAN protects against sophisticated bot attacks from across cybersecurity, online advertising and marketing, giving the company a broad view of nefarious activities on the internet. They take the best approach I’ve seen to stopping attacks as they can see patterns in data that others can’t."

Art Coviello, Former Chairman, RSA

WO_Testimonial_kara WO_Testimonial_mobile_kara2

"HUMAN lets you sleep well at night knowing you are fully protected. We believe it should be an industry standard."

Kara Petrocelli, Director of Programmatic, GumGum

WO_Testimonial_marc3 WO_Testimonial_mobile_marc2

"We thought we could handle this situation ourselves at P&G... but when we did an audit with HUMAN, we found that we’re not good enough. The criminals are far better than we will ever be."

Marc Pritchard, Chief Brand Officer, P&G

WO_Testimonial_pranay3 WO_Testimonial_mobile_pranay2

"HUMAN has been an excellent partner in achieving Media.net’s goal of providing the most efficient and direct path to inventory to programmatic marketers. Bot mitigation is key to maintain an impeccable exchange and HUMAN continues to deliver on this front."

Pranay Gupta, VP of Technical Solutions, Media.net

WO_Testimonial_joe3 WO_Testimonial_mobile_joe2

"By combining our own tools with those of HUMAN, and focusing on measurably superior outcomes, we can identify and avoid fraud and other undesirable activity, allowing our customers to focus on bettering the overall programmatic journey for the end user."

Joe Zawadzki, CEO, MediaMath

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Do the best work

of your career.

HUMAN is a mission-driven organization. We believe people do their best work in a welcoming and empathetic culture, so we make sure everyone has the support they need to thrive. If this sounds like your kind of place, let’s chat.


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