Just announced: HUMAN’s Satori Threat Intelligence and Research team has disrupted a cunning mobile advertising fraud campaign dubbed Konfety.


Fraud can’t be fought alone.

Collective Protection is the idea that an attack on one partner becomes a defense for all; forming a bundle of partners that grows stronger with each new member. That’s why we created the Human Collective.

The Human Collective is a program focused on bringing together organizations from across the digital ecosystem to share resources, knowledge, and insights. Together, we protect the internet from sophisticated bot attacks, fraud, and account abuse. The initiative began with a cohort of trusted partners, and continues to grow as we bring on organizations in support of the mission.

Participation in the
Human Collective entails:

Human-Human Collective-Commitment@2x
You can't fight fraud with just a feature. It requires investments of the necessary time, resources, and attention. Joining The Human Collective is a signifier that you are committed to the fight against sophisticated bot attacks, fraud, and account abuse.
Human-Human Collective-Collaboration@2x

Collective protection is strengthened by collaboration. Our members have access to Advisory Board meetings, working groups, and threat intelligence sessions to define and improve standards to combat fraud across the digital landscape.

Human-Human Collective-Technology@2x
Powered by HUMAN's proprietary technology and Modern Defense Platform, we can ensure members are protecting themselves and each other.
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You can't fight the problem if you don't know what it is. Partners gain access to expertise and information, from fraud basics to insights into research of newly evolving threats.

Flagship Members

Our Flagship Members are like-minded organizations that are first movers in their industries.

Founding Members

Our Founding Members joined us early on and demonstrated a commitment to eradicating fraud by helping to build this program from the ground up.

Collective Members

Our Collective Members represent a cross-section of the advertising technology ecosystem, and comprise an industry-wide commitment to eradicate fraud.

Contact us to learn more about the Human Collective or to apply to join our Contributing Class of members.