Transaction Abuse Defense


Stop carding, denial of inventory, and scalping attacks.
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How does HUMAN stop transaction abuse?

HUMAN safeguards your applications from transaction abuse by accurately identifying and blocking sophisticated bot attacks on your checkout flow.
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Preserve Customer Experience
Allow 95% of users to proceed in under 2ms with HUMAN’s low-latency architecture and user-friendly challenge.
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Reduce Chargebacks and Financial Losses

Stop automated fraudulent transactions, prevent chargebacks, and block bad traffic—before it reaches your payment fraud solution.

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Optimize Resources
Block unnecessary bot traffic to speed up your app, lower infrastructure and service costs, and free up your product team’s time.

Preserve customer experience and trust

Prevent sophisticated bots from snatching up your hot products before real human customers can get to them. Ensure your customers don’t leave your site disappointed and empty-handed.

HUMAN uses behavioral analysis, machine learning, and predictive methods to block bots with exceptional accuracy. The solution can implement specialized rules during high-demand sales events, configured to address your site’s traffic patterns and purchase flow.

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HUMAN-Transaction Abuse-Prevent chargebacks

Prevent chargebacks

Stop carding bots from making fraudulent purchases that force you to refund your customers. Modern sophisticated bots imitate real user behavior to evade detection. Traditional bot defenses—such as web application firewalls (WAFs), and home-grown bot management tools—are no match for advanced bots. 

HUMAN detects and stops sophisticated bots with unmatched precision and a range of mitigation actions—including hard blocks, honeypots, misdirection, and serving deceptive content—without adding unnecessary friction to the user experience.

Maintain competitive edge and operational efficiency

Prevent bad bots from depleting your inventory, so customers don’t turn to competitors for products you can no longer sell. HUMAN keeps bad bots away from your products, even before they get to your checkout page. This ensures that you maintain your inventory and don’t lose out to competitors. 

Furthermore, HUMAN Transaction Abuse Defense blocks unnecessary bot traffic. This speeds up your app, reduces infrastructure and service costs, and frees up your product team’s time. 

HUMAN-Transaction Abuse-Maintain competitive edge

112% increase in carding attacks year-on-year in 2021

HUMAN Transaction Abuse Defense stops carding, denial of inventory, and scalping attacks.

Fight carding, denial of inventory,
and scalping attacks.

Donately Fights Fraud and Carding Bot Attacks

Legitimate users were being blocked by the existing bot management solution. This reflected badly on the company and frustrated users, so Donately turned to HUMAN’s powerful and accurate solution for mitigating fraudulent transactions.

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100,000 to 150

reduction in fraudulent transaction attempts
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“Fraud conducted by bots became a real problem for us. The team had to constantly deal with fraudulent transactions, sometimes in the middle of the night…In three days, we could see a huge reduction of fraudulent transaction attempts — from 100,000 to 150.”
Bryan Shanaver, CEO of Donately
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“When we needed a solution for the carding attacks, partnering with HUMAN was a no-brainer.”

Information Security Manager, Sporting Goods Retailer 

Sporting Goods Retailer Protects Against Carding Attacks

The sporting goods retailer noticed an increase in carding attacks on its e-gift card balance checking page. After implementing HUMAN, the company was able to accurately detect and mitigate carding and other bot attacks on web and mobile apps and APIs.

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Malicious requests blocked
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Reduction in human verification time.
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