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Transaction Abuse Defense


Transaction Abuse Defense protects your web and mobile applications and APIs from automated carding, cracking, scalping, and hoarding attacks.
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Prevent fraudulent automated transactions

HUMAN uses advanced machine learning, intelligent fingerprinting, and behavioral analysis to detect and mitigate bot transactions.
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Reduce Financial Losses

Stop automated purchases with stolen cards to reduce chargebacks, processing costs, and refund fees.

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Preserve Customer Experience
Low latency technology and a user-friendly verification challenge do not impact customer experience.
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Optimize Resources
Block bots before they hit your application server to optimize infrastructure costs and performance.

Stop carding and gift card cracking

Cybercriminals use bad bots to test stolen card numbers with small purchases on e-commerce sites. HUMAN prevents automated fraudulent checkouts to proactively reduce chargebacks and refund fees.

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Block Scalping and Inventory Hoarding Bots

Scalpers use bots to grab hot products to resell on secondary marketplaces at higher prices. This damages customer experience and brand reputation, and pushes customers to competitor sites. HUMAN stops bots from snatching up and depleting your inventory.

Avoid Infrastructure Strain

Bot traffic taxes your bandwidth and slows web performance. HUMAN blocks carding bots at or near the edge—before they hit your application server. This optimizes your infrastructure spend, minimizes latency, and ensures a seamless website experience for customers.

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Protect against fraud with a purpose-built package.

Transaction Abuse Defense is part of HUMAN’s Application Protection Package, a set of solutions to secure web and mobile applications from a range of cyberthreats.

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Carding attacks
increased 134% YoY

HUMAN Transaction Abuse Defense stops carding, inventory hoarding, and scalping attacks.

Fight carding, denial of inventory,
and scalping

Donately Fights Fraud and Carding Bot Attacks

Legitimate users were blocked by the existing bot management solution. This reflected badly on the company and frustrated users. Donately turned to HUMAN’s solution to mitigate fraudulent transactions.

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100,000 to 150

reduction in fraudulent transaction attempts
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“Fraud conducted by bots became a real problem for us. The team had to constantly deal with fraudulent transactions, sometimes in the middle of the night. In three days, we could see a huge reduction of fraudulent transaction attempts—from 100,000 to 150.”

CEO, Donately
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“When we needed a solution for the carding attacks, partnering with HUMAN was a no-brainer.”

Information Security Manager, Sporting Goods Retailer 

Sporting Goods Retailer Protects Against Carding Attacks

A sporting goods retailer saw an increase in carding attacks on its e-gift card balance checking page. With HUMAN, the company accurately detects and mitigates carding and other bot attacks.

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Malicious requests blocked
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Reduction in human verification time.
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