Just announced: HUMAN’s Satori Threat Intelligence and Research team has disrupted a cunning mobile advertising fraud campaign dubbed Konfety.
Client-Side Defense


Get full visibility and control over client-side scripts while surgically blocking risky behavior—without disrupting scripts’ business value.
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Easily Enable Browser Script Value

HUMAN puts invisible guardrails around client-side scripts—enabling value for CMOs and peace of mind for CISOs.
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Get Complete Visibility
See all client-side 1st- and Nth-party script behavior in the browser during real visitor sessions.
Protect Your Business

Automate zero-trust policies to surgically block risky script actions such as reading payment data and credentials.

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Simplify and Maintain Compliance
Stay compliant with standards and regulations, including PCI DSS 4, NIST, CSF, GDPR, and HIPAA.

Prevent Client-Side Attacks

Get full visibility and control of browser scripts to reduce risk of client-side supply chain attacks.

  • Get details on all client-side 1st- and Nth- party scripts, including provenance, vulnerabilities, and cookies
  • See scripts’ DOM, storage and network actions, such as sensitive data access and risky-domain communication
  • Surgically block risky script actions to mitigate script-based attacks without interrupting the value provided by vital scripts
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Streamline Compliance

Simplify browser script management and minimize the risk of non-compliance with data standards and regulations.

  • Auto-discover, maintain, and detect changes to the client-side script inventory and HTTP headers
  • Enable a simple and automated method to authorize, justify, and ensure the integrity of scripts as required for PCI DSS
  • Generate audit reports on-demand to demonstrate continuous compliance

Maximize the Value of Browser Scripts

Enable your business to make use of client-side browser scripts while reducing the risk of privacy, security, and compliance violations.

  • Automatically enforce granular controls over client-side scripts, vendors, and actions
  • Build invisible guardrails around client-side scripts without limiting marketers and developers
  • Seamlessly integrate with messaging, ticket management, SIEM, and collaboration tools that align to your workflows

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Protect your applications with a purpose-built package.

Client-Side Defense is part of HUMAN’s Application Protection Package, a set of solutions on the Human Defense Platform to secure web and mobile applications from a range of cyberthreats.

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70% of payment card breaches originate from web applications

HUMAN enables visibility and control over browser scripts to prevent digital skimming, formjacking, malicious redirects, and other client-side supply chain attacks—without disrupting scripts’ business value.

HUMAN Protects Against Client-side Supply Chain Attacks

Sally Beauty Stops Script-Based Skimming Attacks

Sally Beauty had to manually monitor and track the behavior of all website code, which required a dedicated person on their infosec team, who lacked visibility into the client-side scripts.
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time savings
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Regulatory compliance

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“The HUMAN solution helps us identify the known risks to our website, and enables us to work with our partners in e-commerce to mitigate those risks.”

Sr. Manager, Security Architecture and Engineering


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“The solution pays for itself by reducing our risk from client-side data breaches and helping avoid fines and the subsequent negative impact to our brand.”
CISO, Top 5 Global Airline

Global Airline Reduces Risk of Non-Compliance

The airline was concerned about the risk from potential Magecart attacks on their website. With 82% of travel bookings happening online, protecting the airline’s digital presence was a top priority.
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Brand reputation protected

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