Ongoing Analysis of Bot Threats and Exposure

HUMAN’s bot specialists will work closely with you to help you understand the shifting
and evolving bot threat, with customized quarterly assessments of risk and
collaborative, hands-on policy definition to ensure the most effective protections
against sophisticated bots.

Bot Insights also includes specialized reports into new and ongoing attacks with
observations not available in HUMAN’s dashboard.

Human_Bot Insights@2x

Bot Insights is a consultative engagement with the HUMAN Insights Services team, focused on customized and client-specific research, recommendations for policy definition, and regular readouts of global bot activity.

These assessments and recommendations are conducted and provided by bot specialists who dedicate 100 percent of their time to researching and developing protection strategies against burgeoning automated attack methods.


Every Bot Insights engagement begins with an assessment of current bot defenses to establish a baseline and identify gaps to be addressed. This assessment is performed quarterly to ensure that newly discovered threats are covered, and new gaps are identified quickly, before they can introduce significant risk to your business and customers.
Following this initial assessment, the HUMAN Insights team will work closely with you to develop custom policies for deployment in the Human Verification Engine.
Every Bot Insights engagement includes monthly dedicated research hours for in-depth examination of suspected bot activity within your ecosystem. Research is conducted by the HUMAN Insights team in close consultation with HUMAN’s Satori Threat Intelligence and Research Team and customer success organization, and is intended to answer any questions about suspicious or questionable interactions or transactions.
Once a quarter, the HUMAN Insights team will provide a Bot Impact Readout, delving into sophisticated bot activity both in your environment and worldwide. This report sets new guidance for investigation for the following quarter(s), custom bot policy updates, and is a key element of the engagement.