Just announced: HUMAN’s Satori Threat Intelligence and Research team has disrupted a cunning mobile advertising fraud campaign dubbed Konfety.


Protect your customers’ online accounts with a comprehensive, multi-point solution. Minimize security breaches and incidents of fraud across the entire account lifecycle.

Comprehensive coverage.
Unmatched human support.

Reduce the Attack
Stop bad actors from exploiting compromised credentials in account takeover attacks.
Secure the Account Perimeter
Block automated credential stuffing and brute force attacks to stop attackers from bypassing the login process.
Monitor Account
Continuously monitor account activity for anomalous behavior to neutralize fake and compromised accounts.

What are your challenges?

HUMAN’s Account Protection Packages are customizable based on your challenges. Select your challenges below to start creating your package.

Multiple fake accounts are exploiting our app or website

Customer funds or PII data have been stolen

Our business fell victim to account takeover attacks

Theft or fake reviews have damaged our reputation

Fraud is having a negative financial impact on our business

Advanced Capabilities

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Block Sophisticated Bot Attacks
Employ Preventative Security
Stop Fake Account Abuse
Monitor the Account Lifecycle
Enforce Decisions Effectively
Single Pane of Glass Management
Make a trusted customer experience your competitive advantage.

HUMAN’s visibility generates unique telemetry data at every touchpoint
along the customer journey to protect your most critical attack surfaces.

We verify more than 20 trillion digital interactions weekly across 3 billion unique devices—providing unrivaled threat telemetry.
Our Decision Engine examines 2,500+ signals per interaction, connecting disparate data to detect anomalies in mere milliseconds.
Decision Precision
Signals from across the customer journey are analyzed by 400+ algorithms and adaptive machine learning models to enable high-fidelity decisioning.

Satori Threat Intelligence and Research Team

The Satori team are the detectives of the internet, disrupting and taking down cybercrime at the highest level, leveraging the full capabilities of the HUMAN Advantage.