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Aniview Safeguards Growing Video Platform and Marketplace from Fraud



Aniview is a leading provider of holistic, end-to-end video ad-serving solutions and a video marketplace. The business scans an average of 8 billion requests each month.

- Alon Carmel

CEO, Aniview

“The unearthing of PARETO was a great indicator of the work we’ve achieved together with HUMAN in mitigating such attacks, and our partnership will no doubt mature even further in the coming years.” 

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As audience levels have risen—the total hours spent with CTV devices was up 81% year over year in 2020, according to Nielsen—so too has the rush of advertisers spending to reach and engage their target audiences. This has raised the value of video and adtech assets to both publishers and advertisers. It has also attracted the attention of bad actors looking to carve out their piece of this growing pie. Aniview needed a partner and set of best practice operations to keep its environment free from CTV fraud, programmatic ad fraud, and device/app/SSAI spoofing

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Aniview recognized that fighting digital ad fraud required a collaboration between partners who can match the problem's ever-increasing sophistication.

HUMAN MediaGuard sees more than 20 trillion interactions a month, making it uniquely equipped to enhance Aniview’s fight against fraud. This scale is needed to protect Aniview’s platform, which handles an average of 5 trillion data points and 250 billion auctions per month. 


HUMAN’s unmatched scale and experience powers its modern defense strategy that provides the most accurate protection from sophisticated bots. Our 10+ year signal history informs 300+ technical, statistical, and machine learning algorithms. When fraud is detected, MediaGuard executes enforcement actions that disrupt the economics of cybercrime by increasing the costs to cybercriminals and reducing the cost of collective defense.


Using MediaGuard, Aniview successfully identified and eliminated the PARETO botnet, which used sophisticated techniques to hide its identity across the ecosystem. PARETO used nearly one million infected mobile devices pretending to be millions of people watching ads on smart TVs and other devices to spoof nearly 6,000 CTV apps, accounting for an average of 650 million ad requests every day. 

Aniview combined the MediaGuard mitigation with a dedicated approach to implementing HUMAN’s guidance, including adopting all industry anti-fraud standards across their platform and installing a dedicated quality leader. The result was a marketplace better prepared to protect clients from the next sophisticated fraud attack

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