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HUMAN's multilayered detection methodology can protect environments across the desktop and mobile web, from advertising-specific ecosystems to marketing systems to websites themselves. Read more about the ways in which HUMAN can detect and prevent sophisticated bots.
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Ad Tech

The advertising ecosystem is a top target for fraudsters, with an estimated $5.8 billion lost to bot-based fraud in 2019 alone. HUMAN is a proven partner with leading Ad Tech platforms in the effort to minimize ad fraud.

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Marketers face a unique challenge in needing to increase website visitors while maintaining conversion rates for lead-generation targets. HUMAN can separate robot traffic from humans, boosting conversion rates and lead quality.


Web Security

Sophisticated bots can carry out account takeover and fake account creation attacks, steal intellectual property, and make fraudulent transactions. HUMAN detects and prevents them from compromising your customers and your business.

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Mobile Ad Fraud

With money being poured into mobile advertisements, fraudsters have followed. HUMAN prevention and detection ensure that mobile platforms have real human engagement.


CTV Fraud

Connected TV is a new frontier for consumers, and advertisers have moved quickly to find their spaces within the new ecosystem. But with new dollars comes new fraudsters looking to steal their piece of the pie. HUMAN works within CTV environments to protect your CTV spend.