Account Takeover Defense

Defend Your Online Accounts

Get protection from account takeover (ATO) attacks and remediate
compromised accounts.
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How does HUMAN stop
account takeover attacks?

HUMAN neutralizes account takeover attacks and remediates compromised accounts. 
Automated and human-led attacks are blocked.
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Stop Automated Attacks
Block automated credential stuffing and brute-forcing attacks before bad actors can take over accounts.
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Block Stolen Credentials

Render compromised account credentials useless before cybercriminals can use them in an attack.

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Remediate Breached Accounts
Detect suspicious behavior post-login and remediate breached accounts, no matter how the account was compromised.

Reinforce Login Defenses

Detect and neutralize automated bot attacks, such as credential stuffing and cracking at login before bad actors can break into an account. HUMAN combines intelligent fingerprinting, behavioral signals, and predictive analysis to rapidly identify and block unwanted bots.

You get the latest threat intelligence with HUMAN’s network effect. 20 trillion interactions are verified every week with up to 2,500+ signals parsed through 350+ algorithms to reach a single critical decision — “is it a bot or not?”
Human-Account Takeover Module-Reinforce Login Defenses
Human-Account Takeover Module-Reduce the Attacks Surface

Reduce the Attack Surface

Preemptively block stolen credentials before cybercriminals can exploit them to take over accounts. HUMAN uses multiple techniques to identify compromised credentials available on the dark web and harvested from data breaches.

These credentials are automatically rendered useless, stopping attackers from using them in credential stuffing attacks. Legitimate users are notified that their account login details are compromised and require updating.

Neutralize Threats That Bypass Login Security

Threats such as malware, phishing, and social engineering can bypass account login defenses. HUMAN uses sophisticated behavioral analysis and machine learning models to continuously evaluate accounts post-login. The Human Defense Platform detects suspicious and unusual behavior from both bots and humans.

If a threat is identified, automated actions are available to remediate the breached account. This safeguards accounts that get compromised due to malware, phishing, or other techniques that beat login security.
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ATOs are poised to become
the #1 cyberthreat concern.

HUMAN helps organizations prevent account takeovers from happening and
detect and remediate accounts that have been compromised.

HUMAN Account Takeover
Defense in Action

FanDuel blocks credential
stuffing and ATO with HUMAN

FanDuel Group, an innovative sports-tech entertainment company, turned away 99.9% of bad bot traffic and neutralized more than 3,000 bad logins per second to protect their online accounts.
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of bad bot traffic stopped
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fraudulent logins per second neutralized.
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“We seamlessly integrated Bot Defender at our platform edge [AWS CloudFront] to ensure maximum protection against automated bot attacks, but also to minimize latency.”
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“The protection that HUMAN provides gives us the confidence to explore new markets and expand our relationships with our business partners. We frequently mention that HUMAN is part of our tech stack because we have seen first-hand how effective it is in combating bots and keeping our customer data secure.”
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Laybuy Protects Customers
and Merchants from ATO and
Client-side Threats

Laybuy, a leading buy now, pay later service needed to ensure that customer data was safe and transactions were secure, which meant protecting against account takeover (ATO) and digital skimming.
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threats neutralized
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customers and merchants

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