Data Contamination Defense


Prevent fake interactions from infecting your first-party data and skewing your performance-driven decisions
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How does HUMAN prevent data contamination?

HUMAN prevents fake form fills, fraudulent leads, and manipulated content from skewing your analytics.
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Trust Your First-Party Data
Prevent bad data from skewing customer analytics models, so you can make smarter decisions
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Limit Exposure to Risk

Avoid compliance, trust, and privacy risks that may arise from automated form fills using stolen PII

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Convert More
Create engaging on-site and marketing experiences based on real interactions, not fake engagement

Keep Fake Leads from Contaminating Performance Data

Your online presence is your customers’ main engagement point with your brand, but the same tools used to attract them can invite a multitude of cyberthreats. Automated form fills, leads, and product page interactions wreak havoc on your CRM data, wasting valuable efforts following-through while skewing customer engagement models or production plans. Accurately identifying these threats make your models more effective.

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HUMAN-Data Contamination-Avoid Compliance

Avoid Compliance and Privacy Risks from Stolen PII

The digital ecosystem is increasingly demanding stricter privacy protections, driving the importance and value of first party data. When bots submit fraudulent form fills using stolen PII or fake customer data, it puts companies at risk of privacy compliance and consumer trust issues. Preventing stolen PII from entering your dataset is crucial to maintaining compliance and preserving brand reputation.

Prevent Content Manipulation from Skewing Decisions

Customers are increasingly expecting personalized or tailored experiences with your brand, but automated engagements can lead you down the wrong paths. Spammed comments and fake reviews create false pictures of customer opinions, meaning you may take efforts that push you away from rather than towards your customers. Personalized, opinion-based product and marketing decisions are effective only when coming from real humans.

HUMAN-Data Contamination-Prevent Content Manipulation

66% of marketers experienced marketing fraud in the past year.

Identifying fake activity empowers marketers to keep fraud out of their data systems and make smarter decisions for better results.

Keep marketing free
from fraud and abuse

AEG Presents Identifies and Stops Marketing to Bots

AEG Presents was seeing invalid traffic for several notable music events. With HUMAN’s help, they reduced fraud by identifying fake impressions and optimized the marketing mix for subsequent campaigns.

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Identified 10.59%

of total traffic as fraud
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Uncovered 15%

of one tour effort as fraud
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“Overall, understanding the percentage of bot traffic coming from paid media channels helps AEG to plan as part of the marketing mix.” 

Head of Media, AEG Presents

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“As soon as we implemented threat detection measures and removed all the known fraud, the results were night and day compared to when we hadn’t noticed it.”

Director, Programmatic & Analytics

Auto Brand Eliminates Fake Leads to Drive Conversions

Luxury auto brand suspected presence of fraudulent leads in its performance data. Using the HUMAN intelligence, the brand altered lead acquisition strategies and models to increase conversions.

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Identified 17%

of traffic as fraud
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increase in conversions

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