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Luxury Auto Brand Reduces Fraud and Increases Conversions

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This leading brand sells luxury automobiles across the globe.
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This luxury automotive brand leveraged multiple tactics and sources — including lead gen, social, search, mobile, and display advertising — to drive potential customers to complete “Configure and Price” forms for its various models. When conversion rates dropped, the brand believed bad bots were on their site and wanted to know which tactics were driving them there.

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The luxury auto brand implemented HUMAN BotGuard for Growth Marketing to solve their bot problem.

The tag, placed sitewide, immediately delivered valuable site traffic insights and viewability into the entirety of the brand’s digital marketing activities.

Overall, lead generation activities were driving 17% fraudulent leads and a whopping 38% sophisticated invalid traffic was originating from one specific advertising platform. The brand was wasting $36,000 a month attracting and remarketing the bots.


With BotGuard for Growth Marketing, the luxury auto brand optimized its campaign and acquisition strategies based on the HUMAN insights. The result was swift and significant. The brand focused its marketing efforts on humans by removing sources and tactics that drove fraudulent traffic. This increased digital conversion rates by 600% and eliminated wasted spend on non-human traffic.

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