BotGuard for Growth Marketing

BotGuard for Growth Marketing detects automated engagement in digital marketing and automatically prevents bot traffic from entering ad targeting systems, CRM and downstream marketing systems to lower costs and boost digital marketing performance.


HUMAN published the 2021 Marketing Fraud Benchmarking Survey and Report, which examines marketing leaders' awareness of, experience with, and responses to the phenomenon of marketing fraud.

There's a way to increase your

conversion rates that has nothing to do with

messaging or creative.

Protect your performance marketing spend from sophisticated bots.

Identify Bot Traffic

Eliminate Bot Traffic

Identify and remove fraudulent traffic from growth marketing tactics

Decrease Customer Acquisition Costs

Decrease Customer Acquisition Costs

Create and detarget bot audiences to optimize spend towards human-only audiences

Improve Lead Quality and Conversion Rates

Improve Lead Quality and Conversion Rates

Generate authentic, human-only leads that convert to real paying customers, unlike bots

Maintain Clean, Efficient Data

Maintain Clean, Efficient Data

Keep fake or stolen data out of your customer data management systems to improve data-driven decision making and avoid regulatory compliance risk

Optimize Downstream Marketing

Optimize Downstream Marketing

Automatically prevent identification and profiling of non-human sessions in remarketing, audience enrichment, and cross channel attribution systems

Increase Overall Conversion Rates, Revenue and LTV

Increase Overall Conversion Rates, Revenue and LTV

Get bot audiences out of your digital funnel to make more room for loyal human customers that purchase on repeat

Protect growth marketing from:



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Media Buy Fraud

Fraudsters insert themselves into performance channels and send bots to click on your paid media, lining their pockets with your investments in clicks-through to your site

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Lead-Gen Fraud

Fraudsters insert themselves into performance channels and send bots to fill out forms with fake or stolen information, lining their pockets with your investments in lead generation

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Lookalike and Retargeting Fraud

You end up funding fraudsters again when bot traffic is profiled for lookalike audiences and retargeting

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Competitive Assaults

Competitors can employ a variety of marketing fraud tactics including sending bots to click on paid search and paid social campaigns to waste your investments and drain your ROI

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App Install and In-App Engagement Fraud

Fraudsters insert themselves into mobile affiliate networks to get paid based on fake app installs or fake in-app engagement using bot farms and emulators

Why BotGuard for Growth Marketing?


Use a tag manager to configure and deploy the lightweight JavaScript detection tag to your website within minutes. Your tag manager can also be used to send detection decisions and data to other marketing systems in real-time.


Visualize fraudulent traffic by UTM source, UTM campaign, and page destination. Create and analyze bot audiences within popular marketing analytics platforms. Detarget bot audiences from active marketing campaigns, boosting conversion rates and lowering cost-per-acquisition.


Automatically prevent the identification and profiling of non-human sessions in downstream marketing including remarketing, audience enrichment, and cross channel attribution systems


BotGuard for Growth Marketing is powered by the world’s most effective Human Verification Engine built on:

  • Superior detection technology: More than 2500 signals and 350 algorithms fine tuned over eight years
  • Global visibility: 10 Trillion interactions verified weekly
  • Hacker intelligence: Multiple cybercriminal takedowns and proactive discovery and reverse engineering of emerging threats

How does BotGuard for Growth Marketing Work?

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HUMAN’s human verification engine collects and sends over 2500 client-side non-PII signals indicative of  ‘human or not’ activity to HUMAN for processing


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HUMAN’s Real Time Decision Engine combines technical evidence and machine learning to deliver ‘human or not’ decisions with industry-leading speed and accuracy


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HUMAN deploys ‘human or not’ decisions to downstream marketing systems to automatically prevent identification and profiling of non-human sessions, preventing remarketing to bot audiences


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Insights identifying fraudulent traffic sources and destination hotspots are available within minutes in the HUMAN Dashboard and popular marketing analytics platforms

Increase Conversion Rates with Real-Time Intelligence

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The biggest challenge to managing sophisticated bots in digital marketing is that they are constantly changing. Website analytics tools, web application firewalls, and other fraud protection measures struggle to keep up with the speed of bot evolution. BotGuard for Growth Marketing benefits from the active research that our threat intelligence team does every day into new and emerging threats.

BotGuard's human verification adapts continuously to ensure that bad actors can’t reverse-engineer or get ahead of our know-how. This makes it the fastest and most accurate solution for identifying sophisticated bot activity available. Marketers can automatically lower acquisition costs and boost digital marketing performance.

Supported Integrations:



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Marketing Technology

  • Facebook
  • Google Marketing Platform
  • TikTok
  • Bing
  • Taboola/Outbrain
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Marketing Analytics

  • Google Analytics
  • Adobe
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Tag Managers

  • Google Tag Manager
  • Adobe Launch

Learn about how BotGuard for Growth Marketing helps businesses protect their marketing spend:


The real cost of marketing fraud.


How our customers use BotGuard for Growth Marketing.


How to train your marketing funnel to recognize and respond to marketing fraud.


How marketing fraud targets mobile apps.

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"Meeting industry standards against fraud is fine, but we have done significantly better following our partnership with HUMAN. Each fraudulent impression that we stop means more money in our farmers' pockets."


"We thought we could handle this situation ourselves at P&G... but when we did an audit with HUMAN, we found that we’re not good enough.

The criminals are far better than we will ever be."


"We partnered with HUMAN to scan every single impression—about 9 million a second—offered through our platform before we ever make a bid on it. With this partnership, we can prevent fraud before it occurs."


"By combining our own proprietary tools and processes with those of HUMAN, and focusing on measurably superior outcomes, we can identify and avoid fraud and other undesirable activity, allowing our customers to focus on bettering the overall programmatic journey for the end user."

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