Programmatic Ad Fraud Defense


Detect and mitigate programmatic ad fraud in real-time to ensure that quality inventory reaches real humans across display, CTV, and digital audio channels
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How does HUMAN protect programmatic ads?

With visibility into 85% of global programmatic impressions, HUMAN protects DSPs, SSPs, publishers, brands and agencies with modern defense to ensure quality inventory reaches real humans.
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Increase Trust
Prevent fraud and improve inventory quality across all channels to ensure trust in programmatically traded media.
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Improve Inventory Quality

Eliminate fraud and gain transparency into inventory sources to ensure that inventory is achieving results while meeting standards. 

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Optimize Return
Proactively fight against ad fraud and remove low quality inventory to increase ad performance and drive revenue.

Platforms: Protect Inventory Value And Ensure Advertiser Trust

Keep the bidding process on your platform free from sophisticated bots and fraud. With HUMAN Programmatic Ad Fraud Defense, DSPs and SSPs ensure that only verified human inventory is allowed into the bidding process without affecting platform speed regardless of channel.

Fraud in the digital advertising supply chain lowers the quality and ultimately diminishes trust in the entire ecosystem. This leaves ad tech and media owners with reduced inventory value and damaged reputations with demand partners.

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Publishers: Protect Revenue With Increased Marketplace Trust

Safeguard against malicious bots and ensure higher-quality traffic and impressions, improving your inventory value and market place trust. Gain visibility into sources delivering invalid traffic and ensure a safer, more profitable environment for advertisers, fostering long-term sustainability and credibility in the digital advertising industry.

HUMAN’s real-time analysis of each impression in post-bid environments stops fraud at the source, allowing publishers to focus on growing revenue and maintaining customer relationships.

Advertisers: Ensure Ads Reach Real Humans

Maximize ad spend by proactively monitoring digital advertising campaigns to identify and eliminate sources of fraud and low quality inventory. HUMAN Programmatic Ad Fraud Defense reduces wasted ad spend and improves ad performance by ensuring ads reach real humans.

HUMAN gives advertisers the tools to fight against disruptive ad fraud. Our actionable insights allow advertisers and agencies to stay ahead of today’s most sophisticated and emerging threats.

Human Ad Fraud Keep CTV Investments

HUMAN Protects Across Environments



HUMAN observes 85% of programmatic impressions, providing the greatest visibility to accurately detect fraud and protect customers.

Mobile & In-App

App-spoofing attacks increased 170% in 2022.  As mobile ad spending continues to increase, so do attacks and the need to protect this environment.

HUMAN Programmatic Ad Fraud Defense in Action

Yieldmo Proactively Protects Against Fraud Despite Growth

Yieldmo needed to ensure mobile ad opportunities on its marketplace were fraud-free, while significantly growing the supply of ad opportunities. HUMAN delivered actionable insights for this protection.

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90% decline

in IVT rate
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677% CAGR

in available supply of ad opportunities
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“Fighting fraud requires more than simple measurement. HUMAN's focused and unique approach and the reporting of IVT is a major reason we originally started our partnership.” 

Managing Director, Yieldmo

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“On a daily basis, we have MediaGuard reports that allow us to identify, investigate, and counteract each instance of fraud that is caught.”

Director, CTV Partnerships, TripleLift
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TripleLift Expands into CTV with Confidence Against Fraud

TripleLift and their buyers needed assurance that marketplace transactions maintained quality, especially as it expanded into CTV. They leveraged Programmatic Ad Fraud Defense to safeguard bid requests.

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90+ Billion

yearly CTV bid requests
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99.6% Valid

in-app inventory average
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