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Client-Side Defense


Enable deep visibility and granular control into your  website’s client-side supply chain scripts, stopping threats in real-time and complying with regulations.
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How does HUMAN stop
supply chain attacks?

HUMAN identifies malicious client-side web scripts, inspects their behavior and mitigates risks in real time.
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Stop Script-Based Attacks
Prevent client-side supply chain attacks using malicious javascript code from extracting payment information
Prevent Formjacking

Secure form fills from attackers attempting to use scripts to harvest and extract sensitive PII data

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Remain Compliant
Avoid risk and remain within strict financial and privacy compliance guidelines to avoid legal and financial penalties

Mitigate Bad Script Behavior

Identify and mitigate formjacking, data harvesting, and other malicious or non-compliant script behavior.  

Website developers build sites using their own code, third-party scripts and open source libraries. 3rd party scripts may do more than the developer intends, such as access users’ personal identifiable information (PII).

HUMAN enables real-time visibility into first-, third- and Nth-party scripts to detect PII access, data exfiltration events, and known script vulnerabilities.

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Reduce the Attack Surface

Stop scripts from exposing data to third parties, which puts your users and your brand at risk.  

Attackers exploit third party scripts and inject malicious code to steal PII and financial information. HUMAN monitors client-side code behavior in real time, putting an end to manual log analysis.  

HUMAN provides granular control over JavaScript to block access to sensitive fields and stop unexpected data exfiltration, without disabling the entire script.

Remain Compliant to Regulations

Prevent organizational legal and financial risk when transacting credit cards or storing customer data information.  

Financial (PCI-DSS 4.0) and data privacy (GDPR, CCPA, CPRA) regulations require that companies processing credit cards or storing PII prevent any data leakage or be at risk of fines.

HUMAN provides visibility and real-time blocking into data exfiltration events, mitigating any compliance issues.

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71% of e-commerce breaches are from skimming & formjacking.

HUMAN helps organizations prevent formjacking, digital skimming, and other supply chain attacks by understanding their client-side script behavior and mitigating risk.

Website Protection From Digital Supply Chain Attacks

Sally Beauty Stops Script Based Skimming Attacks

Sally Beauty had to manually monitor and track the behavior of all website code, which required a dedicated person on their infosec team without visibility into the client-side scripts.
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time savings
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Regulatory compliance

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“The HUMAN solution helps us identify the known risks to our website, and enables us to work with our partners in e-commerce to mitigate those risks.”

Lee Tarver, Sr. Manager, Security Architecture and Engineering, Sally Beauty


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“The solution pays for itself by reducing our risk from client-side data breaches and helping avoid fines and the subsequent negative impact to our brand.”
CISO, Top 5 Global Airline

Global Airline Reduces Risk of Non-Compliance

The airline was concerned about the risk from potential Magecart attacks on their website. With 82% of travel bookings happening online, protecting the airline’s digital presence was a top priority.
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Brand Reputation Protected

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