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Account Fraud Defense


Protect your organization from fraudsters who use fake and compromised accounts to commit fraud.

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How does HUMAN stop account fraud?

HUMAN blocks the automated creation of fake accounts and monitors post-login activity for signs of suspicious behavior.
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Stop Fraudsters Making Accounts
Stop the automated creation of large volumes of unwanted accounts before they can be exploited.
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Prevent Abusive Activity

Detect abusive activity that indicates fake and compromised accounts, and then neutralize them.

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Minimize the Cost of Fraud
Quickly respond to suspicious behavior, proactively reduce fraud, and spend less time investigating incidents.

Protect the Registration Process

Stop fraudsters creating large volumes of fake accounts to exploit your application or website. HUMAN analyzes a combination of unique identifiers in order to detect mass fake account creation.  

Automated responses can block the unwanted accounts and the device that was being used to create them en masse, stopping further fake account creation. This significantly reduces the amount of unwanted accounts that make it through the registration process.

HUMAN-Account Fraud Module-Protect Registration Process
HUMAN-Account Fraud Module-Monitor Accounts

Monitor Accounts Post-login

Detect and block fake and compromised accounts before fraud occurs. Using behavioral analysis, HUMAN continuously evaluates account activity post-login to detect suspicious behavior from both bots and humans.

If a fake or compromised account is identified, automated mitigation actions are taken. Responses can be customized within your organization’s business flow. By monitoring accounts post-login, HUMAN catches fraud and abuse where traditional solutions lack visibility.

Cut Fraud,
Spend Less Time Investigating

HUMAN reduces the costs of fraud by proactively defending the registration process, decreasing  the time to detect fraudulent and abusive activities, and increasing the speed of response.

Teams tasked with fraud investigation can utilize pre-configured dashboards in the management console that make it easy to understand big picture trends down to granular incident logs. Reports can be customized to suit your team and organization requirements.

HUMAN-Account Fraud Module-Secure Apps

Fake accounts are a common source of fraud and abuse

HUMAN helps organizations detect and neutralize fake accounts during the registration process and stop new account fraud.

HUMAN Account Fraud
Defense In Action

Wave Protects Small Businesses from Account Takeover Attacks

Wave implemented a bot management solution to combat ATOs, but web traffic behavior also indicated high volumes of fake account creation. 

Wave’s initial solution wasn’t working, so they switched to HUMAN.

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6.6 million

page views protected in 2 weeks
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malicious page views blocked in 2 weeks
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“The portal itself and the metrics are absolutely beautiful. We really appreciate the customization and granularity of data the portal offers.”

Matt Montreuil,
Information Security Officer

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“The benefit of turning on HUMAN was enormous in many ways beyond bot traffic mitigation. The response time for some pages improved by up to 200ms — a more than 50% reduction in page load time. The number of bot-related production outages dropped to zero.”
Infrastructure Lead,
Online Travel Agency

Online Travel Agency Stops Account Takeover and Scraping Bot Attacks

They were experiencing a high volume of ATOs and other malicious bot attacks that added a heavy performance load on the website and damaged consumer trust.

They implemented HUMAN to solve their bad bot problem.

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Over 50%

improvement in web response time
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reduction in CPU usage
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