One powerful platform to safeguard your entire organization from
digital attacks targeting exposed ad, web, mobile, and API surfaces

Human Defense Platform

Detection at Scale | Decisions at Lightspeed | Actionable Insights

Fight back against fake and fraudulent behavior and win with one unified platform that safeguards the ad, web, mobile, and API surfaces along your customers’ journey.

Attackers have become more cunning, sophisticated and determined, often motivated by monetary incentives. As a result, every touch point in a customer's online journey with your organization has the potential to become a point of vulnerability. These must be fortified against the ever-evolving threats, techniques, and procedures used by cybercriminals.

Whether it's stealing sensitive data, breaking into online accounts, purchasing limited-availability goods and resources, engaging in fraudulent financial transactions, manipulating popularity and sentiment, or conducting malvertising and programmatic ad fraud — cybercriminals can take many different paths to commit fraud online.

Disparate point solutions cannot provide the combined scale of detection, precision, and speed required to stop adversaries in their tracks. The all-in-one Human Defense PlatformTM raises the cost without reward for adversaries while reducing the cost of collective defense.

The Power of One Platform for Safe Ads, Interactions and Transactions

Increase ROI, preserve customer experience, and reduce cybersecurity risks.

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Global Visibility

Detection at unmatched scale

More than 20 trillion digital interactions are verified per week, and more than 3 billion devices are observed monthly to provide actionable intelligence

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Network Effect

Collective protection across the internet
2,500 dynamic network, device, and behavioral signals are parsed through 350 algorithms (technical, statistical, and machine learning)
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Raise the cost of every digital attack
10+ years of experience combating adversary attack vectors, tools, and methodologies to disrupt cybercrime through takedowns, deception, and other innovations

One Platform. Purpose Built

Human Defense PlatformTM provides flexibility for you to select single or multiple modules to combat the specific risks you face

How you win with
Human Defense Platform

By combining global visibility, our network effect, and disruptions, the Human Defense Platform combats tomorrow's cybersecurity threats today, defeating attackers with unmatched scale, speed, and precision.

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Integrations across your
security and IT Stack

Extend the power of Human Defense PlatformTM with key integrations to defend your environment against sophisticated bots, fraud, and account abuse.

Edge Integration (CDN, Cloud)
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Human Security-Key Integrations-Akamai
Human Security-Key Integrations-Yottaa
Human Security-Key Integrations-Azion
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Load Balancers & Web Servers
Human Security-Key Integrations-Apache
Human Security-Key Integrations-Citrix NetScaler
Human Security-Key Integrations-f5
Human Security-Key Integrations-Haproxy
Human Security-Key Integrations-Varnish Cache
Human Security-Key Integrations-Kong
Human Security-Key Integrations-Ngnix
Human Security-Key Integrations-Apigee
Human Security-Key Integrations-Envoy
Human Security-Key Integrations-Cowboy
Application SDK/Middleware
Human Security-Key Integrations-PHP
Human Security-Key Integrations-NodeJS
Human Security-Key Integrations-Python
Human Security-Key Integrations-Ruby
Human Security-Key Integrations-Java
Human Security-Key Integrations-ASP.NET
Human Security-Key Integrations-Heroku
Serverless & Cloud Frameworks
Human Security-Key Integrations
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For each of the 20 trillion interactions verified every week by HUMAN, up to 2,500+ signals are parsed through 350+ algorithms to reach a single critical decision - “is it fraud or not?”
The largest enterprises and internet platforms trust HUMAN to protect themselves from sophisticated bot attacks, fraud, and account abuse. Join us.
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Human Defense Platform combines technical evidence and machine learning to identify and mitigate online fraud and abuse with unmatched scale, speed, and precision

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