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HUMAN vs DataDome

Learn why HUMAN is a leader in bot and online fraud mitigation, combating abuse for 500+ customers across multiple industries and use cases.

HUMAN is #1 According to Customers

HUMAN Bot Defender has been named a Leader and #1 Bot Mitigation Vendor on G2

HUMAN is a Leader and #1 Bot Mitigation Vendor in G2's Summer 2023 Report based on our high customer satisfaction and market presence. We received the highest satisfaction score among products in Bot Detection and Mitigation.


This is why we do what we do: protect our customers from sophisticated bots and secure their users’ sensitive information.

Key Advantages HUMAN Has Over DataDome

HUMAN is fastest for

HUMAN’s patented Virtual-ID technology and friction-free challenge means that you only slow down bots, not real customers.

  • Virtual-ID technology - HUMAN doesn’t phone home on every request so trusted returning customers get fast, secure access.
  • Friction-free challenge - optional CAPTCHA challenge means you only slow down bots - not real users.
  • Fast bot or not decisions - enforcement decisions in less than 2 milliseconds ensure your pages load quickly.

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HUMAN stops bots best

HUMAN’s visibility advantage puts you in a unique position to win against attackers.

  • Fewer false positives - industry-leading detection efficacy means you only block bots.
  • Ultimate policy flexibility - stop bots the most effective way for your business, first, second, or anytime they visit.
  • Dedicated experts - specialist guidance for deployment and tuning means you always have the most effective protection against attacks.

HUMAN’s complete digital attack defense

The Human Defense Platform is an all-in-one powerful platform to protect organizations from digital attacks.

  • Choose what matters to your business - HUMAN has a flexible choice of products and modules to protect every stage of the digital attack lifecycle.
  • HUMAN solutions work seamlessly  together -  multi-layered security for your apps, websites and APIs.
  • It’s not just about bots - HUMAN also addresses post account compromise and digital skimming to help you reduce vendor sprawl.

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Comparing HUMAN to DataDome

HUMAN Outperforms on Speed, Accuracy and Support Without Frustrating Your Customers

Decision Speed
Bot Challenge


Fastest for Humans

In under 1 millisecond, HUMAN’s patented Virtual-ID technology identifies and removes friction from trusted customers, minimizing slow server-to-server calls.

Internet Scale

Trusted by the largest global platforms, HUMAN verifies 3 trillion interactions daily and collects 2,500 signals from every interaction.


The optional  HUMAN Challenge provides industry-leading user friendliness - just press and hold.

Tailored Experience

Protect pages on first request or asynchronously for improved CX. HUMAN has the flexibility to increase protection on sensitive paths like your check-out page.


All HUMAN customers receive round the clock, global in-house support for any type of support request. Live support via Slack, phone and email at any time.


Slow for Humans

DataDome requires a server-to-server operation for every interaction, affecting page load performance in DataDome protected apps.

Limited Scale

DataDome processes, in real time, 1 trillion data signals from client side and server side detection every day.


DataDome’s CAPTCHA requires sliding a jigsaw piece to complete a puzzle.

Limited Flexibility

DataDome lacks flexibility with a one-size-fits-all integration. Unnecessary server-side enforcement adds latency, and negatively affects CX.


DataDome has a small support team and only provides dedicated support for Enterprise and Enterprise Plus customers.

Why Customers Trust HUMAN

Enterprises Consistently Choose HUMAN Over DataDome

Industry Leaders Choose HUMAN For Higher Detection Accuracy and Efficacy
HUMAN is trusted by 500+ customers to safeguard them from bots, fraud, and account abuse.
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