Analyze your website for vulnerabilities, Magecart attacks, and PII sniffing.

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Are third-party scripts leaving your website vulnerable to digital skimming attacks, lost data or non-compliance sanctions? HUMAN Website Risk Analyzer is a free Chrome extension which provides fast, easy-to-understand insight into the scripts running on your site and the potential security risks they represent.

92% of website decision-makers do not believe they have complete insight into the third-party client-side scripts that are running on their website.
Fast, free insight into vulnerable scripts running on your site.

Nearly all websites include open source script libraries such as React and jQuery. This “shadow code” often contains vulnerabilities which could allow hackers to skim customer information.

Website Risk Analyzer enables web development and security teams to quickly analyze website scripts for security risks and suspicious behavior such as:

  • PII sniffing
  • Access of credit card details
  • Known vulnerabilities
  • Connecting to suspicious domains

To get started, add the extension to your Chrome browser and follow the scanning steps to safely scan your site. Once your scan is complete, a free risk report will be sent to your inbox.

Human Security-Website Risk Analyzer-Free Insight Into Scripts

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