Request a demo of HUMAN Account Takeover Defense to protect against account takeover (ATO) attacks and remediate compromised accounts.

Account Takeover Defense:
  • Stops automated credential stuff, brute forcing, and ATO attacks
  • Blocks login with compromised credentials, rendering them useless before an ATO occurs
  • Remediates breached accounts to prevent fraud, such as stored PII theft and transaction fraud

Account Takeover Defense secures your online accounts from fraud and abuse with multilayered defenses at each step of the attack chain. Powered by the Human Defense Platform, the solution uses behavioral analysis, machine learning, and real-time sensor data to identify and mitigate sophisticated bots and human-led account fraud.

HUMAN is trusted by the world's largest organizations to protect them from digital fraud and abuse.
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ATOs are poised to become
the #1 cyberthreat concern

HUMAN helps organizations prevent account takeovers from happening and detects and remediates accounts that have been compromised.
Human-Bot Defender-Reduce Risk
Reduce Risk
Stop sophisticated bots and online fraud
Detect and mitigate bad bots with unmatched precision to reduce risk, preserve consumer trust, and avoid brand reputation damage. 
Human-Bot Defender-Reduce Fraud
Protect Profits
Avoid remediation and recovery costs

Prevent chargebacks, reduce infrastructure costs, and optimize marketing spend by getting ahead of bot-related security issues. 

Human-Bot Defender-Optimize Efficiency
Optimize Efficiency
Gain control and minimize losses
Optimize web performance by blocking unwanted bot traffic at the edge, freeing your team to focus on innovation and growth.

See Account Takeover Defense
in action.