Request a demo of HUMAN Account Fraud Defense to protect against mass fake account creation and remediate new accounts being used for fraud.

Account Fraud Defense safeguards accounts from:
  • Promotion (e.g. free trial) abuse
  • Fraudulent credit applications
  • Coupon abuse

Account Fraud Defense protects against new account fraud with multi-layered defenses at each step of the kill chain. Automated creation of accounts, such as those by bots is detected and neutralized before it can mass create unwanted accounts. HUMAN verifies 20 trillion interactions every week with up to 2,500+ signals parsed through 350+ algorithms to reach a single critical decision - bot or not.

HUMAN is trusted by the world's largest organizations to protect them from digital fraud and abuse.
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Fake accounts are a common source of fraud and abuse

HUMAN helps organizations detect and neutralize fake accounts during the registration process and stop new account fraud.
HUMAN-Account Fraud Module-Block Mass Account@2x
Block Mass Account Creation
Stop the automated creation of large volumes of unwanted accounts before they can be abused.
HUMAN-Account Fraud Module-Neutralize New Account Fraud@2x
Neutralize New Account Fraud

Detect and neutralize fake accounts that make it through the registration process.

HUMAN-Account Fraud Module-Reduce Abuse@2x
Reduce Abuse and Fraud
Minimize consequences such as promotion abuse and fake reviews with custom, automated actions.

See Account Fraud Defense
in action.