Show Me the $$: Malvertising Threats

Reaching and engaging the right audiences with the right messages is the goal of every digital advertising campaign. Publishers provide the crucial space for this interaction and programmatic platforms make these connections happen at scale. With the threats of malvertising evolving just as quickly as the overall programmatic marketplace, traditional blocklist protections simply cannot keep up. When unchecked, malvertising can wreak havoc on publisher and platform revenue, ruin brand reputations, and harm visitors to publisher sites and apps.

Kargo’s Kyle Green, Microsoft’s Patrick Loc and HUMAN's Lindsay Superczynski-Matthies discuss the emerging threats of malvertising to programmatic advertising and how the ecosystem needs to work together to neutralize these threats.

This discussion includes:

  • How fraudsters make money from malvertising
  • Identifying malvertising within your digital advertising efforts
  • Subjectively controlling ad quality to protect user experience and brand reputation


Kyle Green, VP Marketplace Strategy at Kargo
Patrick Loc, Senior Technical Support Engineer at Microsoft
Lindsay Superczynski-Matthies, Product at HUMAN

Moderated by Rosemary Cipriano, HUMAN