How the Grinch Bots Stole the Holidays

Bad bots are gearing up to take advantage of your holiday sales. Find out what they’re up to — and make sure they get nothing more than coal.

Bots Celebrate the Holidays Early

Don’t let bad bots join your holiday party

The holiday season is a huge target for cybercriminals. But bots don’t wait until snowfall. They start their attacks early and keep going throughout the holiday season. 


more bad bot traffic at peak 2022 holiday season than the yearly average


rise in fraudulent checkout attempts in November 2022


average increase in malvertising attacks in Q4 

Get ahead of grinch bots with HUMAN.

Stop automated attacks at login, checkout, and everywhere in between

Bad bots launch credential stuffing, carding, and account takeover attacks in advance of the holidays. This lets them have validated data at the ready for holiday sales, which can then be used to commit automated fraud.

Reduce your risk of bot attacks during the holiday season. Protect your revenue and free your team from the burden of responding to bot-related incidents during the holiday season. 

Gain visibility into: Account Takeover, Account Fraud, Transaction Abuse, Scraping, PCI Compliance

Ensure your ads are seen by humans during your top spending period

Bid prices can increase by more than 140% over the holidays, and CPMs are up to 45% higher. Armed with larger Q4 campaign budgets, advertisers are ready to play. But bots want you to pay.

Don’t let cybercriminals get a piece of the holiday pie. Stop bots and malicious ads from impersonating real humans, redirecting users away from your site, and wasting your advertising dollars. 

Gain visibility into: Programmatic Ad Fraud, Malvertising

Remove bots from your website metrics, data and lead gen funnel

Increased bot activity during the holiday shopping season contaminates and skews your data — at a time when accurately measuring marketing performance and web engagement is more important than ever. 

Keep your metrics bot-free, so you can make data-driven decisions, correctly evaluate holiday campaign performance, and ensure that your marketing resources don’t go to waste.

Gain visibility into: Data Contamination

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