HUMAN vs Others

Discover why HUMAN is a leader in online fraud mitigation, combating fraud and abuse across multiple industries and use cases.

The HUMAN Advantage

Advanced Protection Against Fraud and Cyberthreats

HUMAN solutions are designed to provide maximum protection against fraud and abuse with minimal impact to organizations’ day to day workflows.

  • Modern, cloud-native defenses including machine learning and behavioral analysis.
  • All updates are applied automatically with no downtime, so you never have to schedule another change window.
  • Configuration of policies and custom rules is easy. From the management console you can define new rules and update or adjust any HUMAN-managed rules.
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Solutions that Work Better Together

HUMAN’s solutions work together to improve security and provide in depth protection against online fraud. 

  • Secure your accounts at login against sophisticated bots launching credential stuffing and brute force attacks.
  • Monitor accounts for suspicious activity post-login to neutralize compromised and fake accounts.
  • Benefit from HUMAN’s visibility that verifies 20 trillion interactions every week with up to 2,500+ signals parsed through 350+ algorithms.

24/7 Live Support Whenever You Need It

Cloud-native deployment, configuration and management of HUMAN solutions are as simple as possible, but our support team is always available if you need it.

  • All HUMAN solutions are accessed in the same intuitive management console.
  • Custom rules and response actions can be defined straight from the console, without raising a change request or waiting for a response from support.
  • 24/7 global support team. Slack, telephone, and email contact options are all available - whichever and whenever suits you best
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Comparing HUMAN to Other Vendors

HUMAN Outperforms on Speed, Accuracy and Support for a Frictionless Customer Experience




HUMAN provides around the clock, global in-house support for any type of support request. Live support via Slack, phone and email at any time.


HUMAN Defense Platform ensures that updates are automatically applied, without the need for support intervention or change windows.


Create fully customizable policies directly from the management console. If you require assistance, support is there to help.

Instant Changes

Set automated responses within the console (e.g. block bot/delete account) that can be tailored to your organization’s work flow.

Hits the Mark

Extremely low false positive rate due to verifying 20 trillion interactions weekly with up to 2,500+ signals parsed through 350+ algorithms.



24/7 support often only for attack focused issues. Configuration adjustments rely on support availability - after hours is not guaranteed.

Change Windows

Many changes require coordination with support or arranging change windows for manual application. Scaling can be an issue.


Custom policies are supported, but are often dependent on support availability for creation and configuration.

Open A Ticket

Mitigation actions often require support assistance to configure or develop work to create.

Hit and Miss

Most vendors lack the HUMAN scale of monitoring and sophistication of detection,  which results in higher false positive rates.

Why Customers Trust HUMAN

HUMAN is trusted across multiple industries and use cases to safeguard against malicious bots, fraud, and account abuse.
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Buyer’s Toolkit: Fraud Mitigation Solution

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