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HUMAN’s Satori team uncovers, reverse engineers, and takes down bot-driven threats to advertising, marketing, and cybersecurity.

A key pillar in HUMAN’s mission to defeat bot-driven cybercrime is our ability to proactively find and disarm threats before they begin to impact our customers and partners. The Satori Threat Intelligence and Research Team is the group tasked with shining a light into the dark corners of the internet to find cybercriminals’ plans and develop strategies to defend against them.
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Taken from a Japanese word meaning “comprehension, awakening, or understanding”—represents HUMAN’s ability to go on offense and reclaim the internet for the users and the content that power it, rather than the cybercriminals and bots that pollute it.
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Along with our partners in The Human Collective and major internet platforms like Roku, Facebook, and Google, HUMAN’s Satori team participates in takedown efforts with law enforcement when the fraudsters behind the schemes are identified.

HUMAN’s Satori team has
disrupted several notable schemes:

The Satori team is composed of Humans throughout the organization who share a commitment to protecting the humanity of the internet, and who demonstrate that commitment through original research and content. Members of Satori come from all parts of HUMAN, including:
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Threat Intelligence
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Data Science
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Reverse Engineering
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Data Operations
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Product Development
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Threat Detection
Investigations and research published by the Satori team have proven enormously influential, as has the collaborative spirit of the team: ongoing investigations circulate among team members so no angle is left unexplored before the story is considered complete.
Adam Sell
Human Insights
February 28, 2024
Adam Sell
Gavin Reid
February 28, 2024
Gavin Reid

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