Uncover CTV Buyer Perceptions


Discover how CTV ad buyers perceive the threat of sophisticated fraud within their CTV investments.

Research from HUMAN and TripleLift reveals how buyers view the current state of CTV ad fraud, their trusted formats, and where their greatest fears of potential fraud lie. We teamed up with The Drum to survey 250 CTV-focused digital advertising buyers to ask what they think about fraud in CTV, what they see in their day-to-day work, and what they’re doing to protect their investment.

Get the report to gain insights into:

  • CTV buyers’ top concerns when it comes to fraud including perceptions of SSAI
  • How fraud is informing their buying decisions and their perceptions of fraud in CTV private marketplaces
  • Expectations of partners and platforms to prevent CTV fraud

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What Do CTV Buyers Really Think?

Uncover the findings of HUMAN and TripleLift’s report, Fraud on Connected TV: Buyers’ Perceptions.


expressed high concern of fraud in CTV


suspect fraud exists  in PMPs


believe SSAI holds highest rate of fraud