An attacker-centric approach to
bot-based security

HUMAN Security featured in the latest report
from TAG Cyber

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Bots are on the rise

The growing use of bots and botnets by nation-states and cyber criminals poses a sophisticated threat that many security organizations are not prepared to defend against.

In this recent report from TAG Cyber, Research Director Christopher R. Wilder, explores the motivations, objectives, and tactics of the attackers behind the bots, including the damage they can do to organizations.
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“Bots and botnets pose one of the most existential threats to every organization, government, and consumer. A new approach is required to address this critical risk, utilizing visibility, holistic protection, and disruptions to counter sophisticated bot attacks.”

— Christopher R. Wilder, Research Director & Senior Analyst, TAG Cyber, Forbes contributor

Learn what can be done about bots

Wilder outlines the components of an effective, proactive strategy for preventing and defending against bot attacks. In the report, he compares his recommendations to the capabilities and unique approach of HUMAN’s Security’s Defense Platform.