Just announced: HUMAN’s Satori Threat Intelligence and Research team has disrupted a cunning mobile advertising fraud campaign dubbed Konfety.


HUMAN Bot Defender protects websites and different web services from malicious automated attacks.

If you were denied access on a website protected by HUMAN Bot Defender, you may have been identified as a bot and blocked because of one or more of the following reasons

  • JavaScript disabled or blocked. Most websites today require that browsers visiting them support JavaScript for the site to properly operate. This is why web browsers allow JavaScript and scripting languages by default, enabling the site to properly operate. If JavaScript is disabled (turned off) on your browser, or being blocked by some browser extension or other application or service running on your device, your access to the site may be blocked. To check if JavaScript is enable on your browser, and for instructions on how to enable JavaScript see https://www.enable-javascript.com/.
  • Browser or app cookies disabled**. Cookies have gotten a bad rap over the years with users feeling they are being followed or watched. The majority of websites and applications use cookies - for a defined time period - to authorize access and enable preference retention so customized, personalized web pages can be presented. By disabling cookies, you experience an anomalous behavior, that may result in blocking your access.
  • Ad-blockers and privacy products. Some privacy and ad-blocking products block or disable JavaScript code and cookies when it suspects these are used to track the user and target ads. While doing this, applications can also erroneously block or remove javascript code and cookies used by security products to verify that the user is legitimate, resulting in a scenario as described above.
  • Malware or malicious Browser extensions. Your computer or browser might be infected by malware, or a malicious browser extension. It could be a software or extension that looks legitimate, but will operate without your knowledge by hijacking your existing web sessions, or initiating hidden web requests invisible to you. In such a case, HUMAN Bot Defender may detect the malicious tool from your device, and block your access.
  • Use of automated tools. You may be using automation tools to perform your tasks on the site that resulted in you being blocked. Automation tools may be browser extensions, or software you use to perform specific tasks on a site, like crawling specific site’s content, or watching for a change on a site and alert you once it occured. This could be used instead of a browser, or as an extension to compliment your browsing activity. HUMAN Bot Defender will detect such automation tools, and as the use of automation tools violates the terms and conditions of the protected site, these requests will be blocked. HUMAN Bot Defender will detect such automation tools, and will be used by the hosting site to block such activity to comply with the site’s policy.
  • High volume of requests. You may have issued a large amount of requests for pages on the site, in a rate that is not typical to a regular user. Typically you will be blocked if your browsing behavior is anomalous and not typical for a human user, and sending high volume of requests in a short time, either for many different pages, or all to the same page or resource (like a login page) may result in you being blocked.

Blocking on the website you came from is controlled by the policy of the website owner. If you think you were incorrectly blocked or want help getting access to the website, please contact the site’s support. HUMAN does not control the site’s policy and cannot grant access to the site.

HUMAN Bot Defender detects and blocks activities that don’t comply with the site’s policy.