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White Ops Announces Application Integrity to Protect Enterprises from Fraud & Abuse

New cybersecurity offering stops sophisticated bot attacks that focus on account takeover, automated account creation, and web scraping

February 19, 2020 -- White Ops, the global leader in bot mitigation, today announced the release of Application Integrity, a new offering designed to protect enterprises from sophisticated bot-based threats including account takeover, automated account creation, and web scraping. Leveraging the industry leadership the company has fostered with its Advertising Integrity and Marketing Integrity products that today verify the humanity of more than 1 trillion interactions per week, Application Integrity enables security teams to best protect their applications from sophisticated bot attacks.

“Based on our leadership in disrupting the economics of advertising and marketing fraud, enterprise security teams have pulled us in to help them fight against account takeover, automated account creation, and web scraping attacks,” said Tamer Hassan, Co-founder and CEO at White Ops. “Our new Application Integrity product provides enterprises with the protection they need and insight into the tactics and origin of the sophisticated bots that target them, significantly reducing their security risk.”

According to the 2019 Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report, web application attacks are the second largest cause of data breaches, behind only phishing-based attacks. Today’s fraud and security teams share the same challenge: distinguishing real users from impersonating fraudsters, especially when they come from millions of malware-compromised devices. Sophisticated bots can mimic human behavior by hijacking browser history and activity when visiting websites, and more. Since these bot attacks look and act just like humans, they evade and overwhelm current bot detection methodologies.

Leveraging White Ops’ scale and accuracy, real-time prevention and takedown capabilities, and multilayered detection methodology, Application Integrity offers the highest level of protection to enterprises against sophisticated bot attacks. By incorporating technical evidence, machine learning, continuous adaptation of detection techniques, and threat intelligence (courtesy of White Ops Satori Threat Intelligence and Research Team), this methodology enables Application Integrity to identify and block bot traffic with the highest degree of accuracy and speed to stay ahead of adversaries.

“White Ops takes a unique approach to detecting sophisticated bots. Their success in reducing advertising and marketing fraud has positioned them to be super helpful to security teams at stopping application fraud and to best protect against sophisticated bot attacks,” says Ed Amoroso, CEO of TAG Cyber LLC and former (retired) Senior Vice President and Chief Security Officer of AT&T. “We have learned so much from the White Ops team this past year in the research supporting our TAG Cyber Security Annual.”

White Ops Application Integrity offers protection to enterprises beyond what current application security products are providing. The key benefits of White Ops Application Integrity include:

Best-in-class detection of sophisticated bots: White Ops’ multilayered detection methodology enables Application Integrity to identify bots with the highest degree of confidence, even in low signal environments.

Minimized fraud and losses: Secure user accounts against unauthorized access, and prevent fraudulent new accounts from being created.

Full transparency into each detection: Provides rationale behind each detected sophisticated bot, gaining better insight and context into the origin and tactics of the bot attacks on the applications.

No impact on application operation: The solution’s bot decision engine completes assessments and renders decisions in milliseconds, leaving no practical impact on users’ experience with applications.

“Current bot solutions in the market sometimes succeed in stopping isolated and simple bot attacks, but they infrequently get to the root cause and the threat actors associated with these attacks,” says Michael Tiffany, Co-founder and President at White Ops. “The result is that criminals simply move on to their next target until they find another enterprise that is vulnerable. White Ops plays the long game by disrupting the economics of cybercrime, bringing about real consequences to fraudsters. These efforts enable us to protect our customers and the industry as a whole and stay ahead of and win against a very smart and well-funded adversary.”

White Ops Bot Mitigation Platform can detect, prevent, and outwit bot populations of every level of sophistication. One example is 3ve, the largest botnet ever defeated in which White Ops played a lead role in a massive takedown that had infected 1.8 million devices that were sending 12 billion fake requests per day causing tens of millions of dollars in fraud.

To learn more about White Ops Application Integrity, visit: https://www.whiteops.com/products/application-integrity

White Ops is also offering an Application Integrity Special Access Program to companies who want the industry’s best sophisticated bot mitigation capabilities. To inquire and apply, visit: https://whiteops.com/contact.

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