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The Convergence of Security & Fraud

There’s been a conversation bubbling under the surface of the cybersecurity industry as of late: the merging of security and fraud. The idea comes from the fact that these two functions are traditionally siloed at organizations, with the security team looking to protect pre-login attacks like account takeover and the fraud team looking to protect the post-login fraud like stealing sensitive information to further other cybercrimes.

But one can’t exist without the other. With fraudsters leveraging sophisticated automated attacks (usually led by bots), the lack of communication between these two teams gives fraudsters the advantage. It goes beyond bots. It’s consequences.

In this conversation our panelists discuss and debate:

  • How companies are approaching current and evolving threats to their customers
  • Why the consequences of fraud impacts security teams and vice versa
  • Cyber fraud vs cybersecurity: passing trend or the future?

Guest Sandy Carielli, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research
Elad Amit, VP of Product, HUMAN

Moderator: Rosemary Cipriano, HUMAN