HUMAN Insights Services security consultants are bot mitigation specialists acting as an extension of your team to help identify and respond to sophisticated bots.

Human_Bot Security Consulting@2x

HUMAN Insights Services helps customers reduce the impact of malicious bots to their businesses by bolstering their security program with dedicated bot experts.

We accomplish this with bot defense specialists who focus 100 percent of their time on identifying and developing bot management tactics and policies for our customers. Our analysts provide custom bot attack surface analyses and advanced policy configuration, event investigations, priority bot incident investigation and response so that customers can respond more quickly to automated attacks and recover.

Enhance your bot defenses
with dedicated specialists

Human-Insight Services-Advance Security

Advance Security

Validate the effectiveness of your bot security controls by assessing your application stack’s performance against modern bot techniques to identify high-risk areas
Human-Insight Services-Respond Better

Respond Better

Custom policy configuration designed to suit your business application needs with dedicated investigation support for attack path analysis
Human-Insight Services-Gain Insights

Gain Insights

In-depth fraud event analyses to determine impact, quarterly bot reports for stakeholder oversight and regular HUMAN threat research updates


Elevate Your Bot Security Expertise With a Proactive Approach

  • Threat modeling for applications at risk of bot abuse
  • Custom policy configuration based on threat modeling
  • Event and transaction escalation support to investigate suspicious bot-related activity
  • Quarterly bot impact reporting tailored for your environment, showcasing insights associated with global bot trends

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