Using Trust and Integrity to Create a Human-First, Fraud-Free Exchange

This past year has been a reckoning for mobile and CTV fraud. With countless fraudulent mobile apps uncovered and fraud schemes targeting the CTV ecosystem, it’s more important than ever to work with partners committed to eradicating fraud. But ensuring inventory quality and trust with consumers and brands is no small feat. What we learned is that it can’t be done alone. 

At Yieldmo, we set out to build the best fraud free experience for both users and publishers from day one. Our commitment to transparency means we are always looking for ways to not only avoid wasting valuable advertising dollars on bot-driven impressions but also avoid wasting a consumer’s time with misleading or fraudulent content. We always put the customer, the human, first. 

With ad fraud becoming more and more sophisticated every day, we knew we needed a partner who not only shared our vision but could help us scale quickly. That’s why we work with HUMAN. 

Before implementing HUMAN’s MediaGuard solution, Yieldmo’s invalid traffic (IVT) rate was already among the lowest in the industry at 1%, compared to the up to 14% IVT rates for mobile traffic reported in HUMAN’s most recent Bot Baseline Report. Following the installation of HUMAN’s MediaGuard, Yieldmo’s IVT rate dropped a further 90 percent, to a reported 0.1 percent. We had room to grow despite our already low IVT rate, showing us that percentages don’t give us the full picture at all. Evaluating where the bot activity is coming from and eliminating those channels are your best bet to create a safe, fraud-free exchange. 

In addition to HUMAN’s MediaGuard, we are proudly a Founding Member of The Human Collective. This industry-wide group works together to protect the digital advertising ecosystem as a whole through collective protection. Fraud cannot be fought alone and with The Human Collective we’re able to fortify our protections against tomorrow’s attacks. 

One of the most crucial parts of our business at Yieldmo is our ability to collect accurate signals multiple times a second via our AEROS Contextual Optimization Engine. We take content, situational, environmental and attention signals and factor them into our unique AI algorithm to then automatically optimize our clients’ media performance and find the most valuable ad inventory and impressions, with and without cookies or user IDs.

Combining our powerful ad formats with a focus on the integrity of our inventory, Smart Exchange means we can provide a seamless advertising experience that drives measurable business growth for our clients, all while respecting the human (and only human) end-user.

Combating fraud and ensuring the money our clients spend is never wasted means we need to receive signals that are as clear as possible, reducing the overall noise and distractions brought on by inaccurate data. 

With HUMAN, we are one step closer to a clean exchange that drives the most value for our buyers and publishers while keeping digital experiences human. For more information on how to partner with Yieldmo, click here to contact our team.