Account Takeover Defense

Put Account Security on Autopilot

Sit back, relax, and wave goodbye to cyber fraud. HUMAN stops bad actors from accessing your users’ mileage accounts, loyalty points, and payment cards.
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Drive Loyalty At Login

Block credential stuffing and cracking attempts, and neutralize stolen or breached credentials — so bad actors can’t get their hands on your users’ loyalty points.
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Build Consumer Trust
Keep fraudsters away from users’ airline miles and loyalty points, so you can preserve brand trust.
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Protect the Entire Journey

Your customers’ trip starts long before takeoff. Defend their online journey from login and beyond.

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Minimize Financial Losses
Reduce the costs associated with incident investigation, remediation and account recovery.

Protect Accounts at Login

Detect and neutralize automated login attacks, such as credential stuffing and cracking, before bad actors can break into an account. HUMAN combines advanced machine learning, behavioral analysis, and predictive models to identify and block bad bots.

Detections are based on real-time data from the world’s largest fraud sensor network, verifying 20 trillion online interactions every week. Up to 2,500+ signals are parsed through 350+ algorithms to reach a bot-or-not decision.
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Human-Account Takeover Module-Reduce the Attacks Surface

Reduce the Attack Surface

Render stolen credentials useless before cybercriminals can use them to take over accounts. HUMAN blocks logins with compromised credentials, using a proprietary, dynamic collection of stolen credentials being actively used in attacks across our network.

By flagging these logins, HUMAN enables organizations to take mitigating action to restore compromised credentials before any damage is done. This reduces your vulnerable surface area, preventing successful ATOs and decreasing fraud claims.

Minimize Latency and Reduce Investigation Time

Bot attacks are stopped at the perimeter, before they can penetrate an account. To ensure that workload performance remains high, server-to-server calls are only executed in less than 5% of requests and bot-or-not decisions are made in under 2 minutes.

The management console comes with pre-configured dashboards that make it easy to understand big picture trends down to granular incident logs. Reports can be customized to suit your team and organization requirements.
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49% of traffic to travel sites is from malicious bots.

Lock them out of your users’ accounts.
HUMAN Account Takeover Defense stops bots from accessing airline miles, loyalty points, and payment cards.

HUMAN Account Takeover
Defense in Action

Online Travel Agency Stops Account Takeover Attacks

This leading online travel agency uses HUMAN to stop account takeovers and other bot attacks. Deploying HUMAN has improved site performance, reduced business costs, and strengthened customer trust.
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performance improvement
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bot-related outages
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“The number of bot-related production outages dropped to zero [with HUMAN], allowing us to focus on the business.”
 Infrastructure Lead


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“After deployment, the airline was hit with a distributed account takeover attack. The attacker spent a lot of money and resources, but it was no match for HUMAN.”

Top 10 U.S. Airline Stops Account Takeover Attacks

This Top 10 U.S  airline uses HUMAN to stop account takeover attacks. HUMAN demonstrates tangible business value, saves the airline significant time and money, and proactively protects their brand.
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ATOs detected and neutralized
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Protected the brand
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