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Samsonite Eliminates Bot Attacks for Better Analytics



Samsonite is the worldwide leader in superior travel bags, luggage, and accessories combining notable style with the latest design technology and the utmost attention to quality and durability. The Samsonite brand includes Samsonite, American Tourister, Hartmann Luggage, High Sierra, eBags, Gregory products, and other labels. 

- Jay Nagrelli

VP of E-commerce
“We can trust our data and analytics with HUMAN. With HUMAN, you just set it and forget it - and have peace of mind.”
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Samsonite noticed that critical marketing domains were increasing in web traffic, but conversion rates were not corresponding to the spike. Deeper investigation revealed that the skewed metrics were due to heavy bot attacks infiltrating their website. Their KPIs were skewed and were therefore unreliable. Samsonite was unable to progress with making important website decisions due to inaccurate data. Furthermore, manually cleaning the data was an intensive and reactive process that yielded inaccurate results. 

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Samsonite chose HUMAN's Data Contamination Defense to address their escalating bot problem. Part of the Human Defense Platform, Data Contamination Defense gives Samsonite confidence in their website data. 
  • No more skewed data: Data Contamination Defense filters out bot-generated traffic from real human traffic. The solution uses behavioral fingerprinting and machine learning to develop a real-time profile of each visitor to separate bot traffic from human traffic for use in analytics. This gave Samsonite confidence in their KPI data.
  • Easy integration: Samsonite uses YOTTAA for website optimization. The direct integration between HUMAN and YOTTAA allowed Samsonite to implement Data Contamination Defense quickly and effectively with no infrastructure changes. Samsonite was assured that HUMAN and YOTTAA were tightly linked with a proven solution, so it didn’t have to worry about coordinating efforts between the two teams.
  • Improves operational efficiency: Samsonite’s biggest concern was eliminating their manual, reactive responses to bot attacks. With Data Contamination Defense, they had an automated approach to combating bot attacks.


With Data Contamination Defense in place, Samsonite could depend on accurate KPIs to make strategic decisions that helped them continually gain market share in the luggage category. Utilizing clean data helped the company improve its conversion rates. Data Contamination Defense not only provided better analytics data, but also handled all malicious bot activity including carding or account takeover (ATO) attacks. 

With Data Contamination Defense, Samsonite could set it and forget it. This gave them peace of mind because they no longer had to worry about managing, detecting or mitigating bot attacks. The automated solution allowed the team to stop manually responding to bot attacks, saving time and money. Instead, they could focus on strategic tasks that directly impacted the company’s bottom line.

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