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HUMAN’s Guide to the Digital Galaxy 2nd Edition: Network Effect

There is an age-old saying "If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together." Here at HUMAN, we combine that into one philosophical use case: network effect. 

Network effect is a collaborative effort from all of our customers and the Human Collective to make sure a detection event for one is a protection event for all. If visibility is the telescope that lets us observe the digital space, network effect is our spaceship built on creating a protected ecosystem that allows us to travel across the digital universe to protect all corners of the internet with speed and longevity. Network effect is an important aspect in cybersecurity as a whole. It is an integral part of our modern defense strategy and helps to give us a technological advantage in order to collectively protect all our customers across multiple ecosystems.

The Force of the Network

To effectively combat cybercrime, having a strong network is essential. Network effect refers to the unification among organizations to prevent cyber threats by leveraging their collective resources and gaining a broader understanding of the digital landscape by working in unison. Cybercriminals are persistent and will continue to target various platforms unless their operations are stopped at the source. Bad bots will always follow the money. By building a fully functioning network, organizations can not only gather critical data to prevent cyber threats, but also proactively anticipate future attacks from even the most remote corners of the digital galaxy.

Often in this space sharing data is frowned upon. Collaboration is not seen as beneficial. But that mentality actually works in favor of fraudsters. Network effect without mutual trust is not a network at all. 

Let’s think of fraudsters as invaders. They sneakily invade one planet acting in an unethical manner and take resources. The leaders of the planet discover them hiding, figure out a way to stop them and kick them out of their atmosphere. The invaded planet tells no one else in the solar system. They have costly spending to upgrade their planetary defenses, count their losses and think it’s a win that hopefully these invaders never come back. 

This is absolutely a win; for the invaders

They have made profit, suffered minimal loss or consequences and can take this very same invading tactic to the next planet or change their operations slightly and come back again. 

Now imagine if that first planet was part of an alliance that was unified in stopping all invaders and their operations everywhere in the digital galaxy. When the fraudsters try to invade one planet not only were they stopped there, but that planet and all the other ones in that ecosystem are protected. The planets would all share knowledge about these fraudsters and pull resources sending that information by way of network effect like ships in a fleet. This would ensure that the invaders couldn’t profit in any way and that every ecosystem had an early warning system and protections in place.

Let’s bring it back to Earth. This principle changes the dynamics of defense to an all-for-one and one-for-all approach. Stopping bad actors and deploying protections across our customers is collective protection. 

How Network Effect Works

HUMAN’s network effect is that data-driven spaceship, navigating the vast expanse of the digital universe to explore and understand the constellations of digital interactions. Network effect is our Millennium Falcon for ad fraud, our USS Enterprise for enterprise security, and our Apollo 11 for the public sector. Truly, a ship like no other because it was built on trusted relationships and continuous results. Our network effect is architected by three elements of collaboration: collective protection, The Human Collective, and the Human Defense Platform.

Collective protection: The heartbeat of our modern defense strategy, we work together with our customers to achieve a united force against fraudsters. Attempting to combat cybercrime alone is proven to be costly and ineffective, whereas our unified network provides superior results. Only 1% of cybercrimes are pursued to the point of persecution. Our numerous takedowns over the years including 3VE and Methbot, not only safeguarded our customers but also provided real world consequences to fraudsters. It showed us this was the best way to move forward, together. It is a play-to-win methodology that, along with our partners in The Human Collective, allows us to go on the offensive against cybercrime instead of simply waiting and reacting.

The Human Collective: Our trusted partners who share an aligned vision that is bigger than any one organization's own self interest. As we safeguard them, they also enhance the overall security of our systems and use their abundant resources for all who participate in the network. In the event that a member experiences a vulnerability, prompt action can be taken to protect all customers. Their contribution to our mission has led to disruptions and initiatives that have had impact across the digital landscape. They are committed to eradicating fraud across the digital universe. 

The Human Defense Platform: Every organization we work with operates as a node in our Human Defense Platform. This provides valuable data and analysis that fuels collective protection against cybercrime. This leads to increased efficiency, as multiple organizations can allocate resources with a comprehensive approach and fight against cyberattacks more effectively. The end results are sustainable and include  better coordination, faster response times, and multiple solutions to complex problems. 

Our mission is to make the internet a safer place for all humans. We feel the best way to do that is by disrupting the economics of cybercrime. Together, these elements strengthen our defense against fraudsters and enable us to implement network-wide, cost-effective strategies that better protect our clients.

May The Network Be With You

The internet, like space, is vast. No one person or entity can explore every corner by themselves. Nor can they protect themselves alone against highly sophisticated and coordinated cybercriminal organizations. Network effect bridges that gap.  

Our first pillar, visibility, acts as a telescope that helps us gain knowledge. Our second pillar, network effect, is what enables us to  build and deploy a spaceship of information based on our connections. Customers we protect power this spaceship. The aligned vision of all involved along with The Human Defense Platform detects fraud and deploys protections across all of our customers, strengthening our network. With the success of network effect and modern defense strategy as a whole, we are taking one small step for HUMAN and one giant leap for all humankind.

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