How Bot Defender Uses HUMAN’s Visibility Advantage to Stop Sophisticated Bots

Modern bots mimic real human behavior during web application attacks, such as account takeover (ATO), web scraping, and fake account creation. Automated attacks are increasingly sophisticated and always evolving, requiring advanced bot management solutions to combat them.

HUMAN sees 20 trillion online interactions each week. Our bot management solution—HUMAN Bot Defender—analyzes these data to determine differences between bot and human activity. Our detection algorithms are made stronger in real time as we collect more behavioral signals from our unmatched visibility into the internet. We call this the HUMAN visibility advantage. It’s what enables Bot Defender to reduce the impact of sophisticated bots on your platform with the precision missing from other bot defense solutions.

What’s different about HUMAN Bot Defender?

What’s different about HUMAN and competing bot management suppliers is this visibility advantage. Where does this come from? Well, perhaps surprisingly for a cybersecurity company, this advantage comes through ads. Every time an ad is served to you online, it goes through an auction process where your attention is sold to the highest bidder. Not surprisingly, advertisers don’t want to advertise to bots, and HUMAN’s business is built on detecting bots to prevent this. 

HUMAN verifies more than 85% of all digital advertisements worldwide. This means that 85% of all internet ads are sensors for HUMAN. The behavioral signals collected from every ad we protect are passed to Bot Defender and used to inform our detection algorithms.

Knowing what sophisticated bots look like requires seeing them—and we see them a lot. That’s why Bot Defender consistently finds bots and abuses that other bot mitigation providers do not. Learn more about how Bot Defender uses the HUMAN visibility advantage to reduce the impact of sophisticated bots on your platform.