Your organization’s security is only as good as what you can see. Stay ahead of rapidly evolving digital attacks with the intelligence of
the world’s largest fraud sensor network.

Welcome to the Power of HUMAN’s Visibility

The larger our reach, the more we can observe, the better we can thwart oncoming threats and detect new ones. This is all made possible by the Human Defense Platform.

The Human Defense Platform is powered by:



Interactions Verified Per Week



Devices Observed Worldwide



Signal History

This is how we find where fraudsters lurk on the internet.
And if we can see them, we can stop them for you.

Bad actors don’t discriminate.
No matter where you sit on the
internet, we can protect you.

What’s your security challenge?

I need to protect my web and app login without creating friction for my customers.

Revenue, compliance, and legal risks abound when fraud is allowed to infiltrate and permeate your application or website. You can’t be passive in this fight. You need to actively lean into it to protect your customers. Being able to see and understand your foe puts you in position to create better customer experiences on your platform, site or application while reducing wasteful spending and remediating fraud.

Gain visibility into: Account Takeover, Fake Account Creation, Payment Fraud, Content Manipulation, Content Scraping & PII Harvesting, Denial of Inventory & Stockouts

I need to safeguard my digital advertising inventory from sophisticated fraud.

The one constant in the digital advertising ecosystem is change. Cybercriminals take advantage of these changes and use sophisticated and automated techniques to steal a slice of the ever-growing pie of spend. With clear visibility into sources and types, you’re able to prevent threats from manifesting into fraud that erodes ad inventory quality, customer trust, and ultimately, your bottom line.

Gain visibility into: Programmatic Ad Fraud, CTV Fraud, Device/App/SSAI Spoofing

I need to prevent fraud from skewing my digital marketing performance and CRM.

Digital marketing is only as successful as the tools and data that drive it. Letting even the smallest amount of fraud to contaminate it can cloud your customer insight and organizational decision making. When you can see where fraud is coming from, you can stop it, giving you the ultimate optimization to your digital marketing performance.

Gain visibility into: Data Contamination, Lead Generation Fraud, Paid Marketing Manipulation

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