Gaining Insight

There was a time not too long ago in the world of high technology where every company’s favorite buzzword was “Big Data”. Every organization claimed to create, process, hook into, or analyze Big Data in some fashion. What Big Data actually meant was often secondary to the idea that they did it and that you should trust that it made them smarter and better at what they did.

In the years since the Big Data Wild West settled, a few things have become clearer:

  • Big Data doesn’t just mean whatever you want it to mean, it refers to data sets that have volume (hence the “big”), variety, and velocity. This is information that changes quickly and contains numerous dimensions and sources.
  • More importantly, the size of the data set is less important than what insights you can garner from it. You could have the world’s largest data set with thousands of dimensions and sources, but if you can’t learn anything from it, it’s useless.

That’s a big part of what makes today’s announcement such a big deal for HUMAN’s partners and customers. We have the data—15 trillion interactions a week—and we can now offer our Bot Insights Services to make that data even more meaningful.

For example:

The Human Insights team has uncovered new findings of bot activity among customers protected by the Human Verification Engine including:

  • Over the past six months, bots accounted for more than 45% of account login attempts, peaking in August 2021.
  • Bots attempting payment or transaction fraud peaked in October 2021, accounting for more than 13% of transactions as witnessed by BotGuard for Applications.
  • Across all attack vectors protected by BotGuard for Applications, bots accounted for 28% of all interactions.

With findings like these, businesses could work closely with the data scientists and analysts of the Human Insights team to investigate the source of the bot traffic to their websites, applications, and APIs, and partner with their security team to mitigate their impact. 

That’s why we named this offering what we did. It’s not about the data itself—valuable though it may be—it’s about the insights that you gain from that data and the changes you make as a result.

Bot Insights Services are available to BotGuard for Applications customers to help enhance the learnings they take from the Human Verification Engine. And stay tuned to the Human Insights team, as you’ll begin to see new content and offerings very soon.