BotGuard for Applications

BotGuard for Applications  detects and mitigates sophisticated bot activities on sites and applications including credential stuffing, credential cracking, account takeover, account creation fraud, payment fraud and content and experience abuse to lower fraud loss and preserve customer trust and experience.

Sophisticated Bots and Automated Attacks - Watch Threats to Applications in Action

2-20 RSA Awards Background-01
2-20 RSA Awards Background-01

Account Takeover

HUMAN's Frank Walsh demonstrates an account takeover attack and shows how an attack can be stopped with BotGuard for Applications.

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New Account Fraud

HUMAN's Frank Walsh demonstrates a new account fraud attack and shows how BotGuard for Applications prevents fraudulent accounts on your app.

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Content/Experience Abuse

HUMAN's Frank Walsh demonstrates an attack centered on content & experience abuse and how BotGuard prevents its impacts on your app.


Minimize Fraud Loss

Stop sophisticated bot attacks including credential stuffing and credential cracking attacks that enable payment and wire transfer fraud, sensitive data theft and other costly losses.


Maintain Frictionless Customer Experience and Customer Trust

Put login friction in front of bots, not humans, and prevent in-app bot abuse such as spamming, scamming and phishing from ruining the experience of real human customers.


Harness Transparency and Control

Easily access and share granular visibility of bot and non-standard traffic including detailed threat taxonomy. Configure mitigation policies and responses based on your business.


Boost Operational Efficiency

Keep sophisticated bots off sites and applications automatically to reduce manual workflow intensity and keep infrastructure and services running faster and more efficiently for real users.

Why BotGuard for Applications:

BotGuard for Applications “leads the pack with robust threat intelligence, attack detection, and vision” among the 13 most significant emerging Bot Management solution providers.

The Forrester New Wave™: Bot Management, Q1 2020


BotGuard is powered by the world’s most effective Human Verification Engine built on:

  • Superior detection technology: More than 2500 signals and 350 algorithms fine tuned over 8 years.
  • Global visibility: 15 trillion interactions verified weekly.
  • Hacker intelligence: Multiple cybercriminal takedowns and proactive discovery and reverse engineering of emerging threats.


Easily deploy the HUMAN BotGuard JavaScript tag to websites within minutes, or integrate via  mobile SDK for native mobile apps.  Automatically enforce detection decisions using secure server-to-sever integration with BotGuard’s Mitigation Engine API, or via multiple CDN integration options including Fastly, Amazon Cloudfront, Cloudflare.


BotGuard’s Dashboard lets you easily visualize and understand the specific threat category and threat factors observed for each detection.  You can integrate your own business signals, customize mitigation actions, and generate custom reporting.

Protect web and
mobile applications from:


Account takeover

Breaking into existing accounts using credential stuffing, credential cracking or brute-force attacks.


Credential stuffing

Mass login attempts used to verify the validity of stolen username/password pairs


Credential cracking

Identifying valid login credentials by trying different values for usernames and/or passwords.


New account creation

Bulk account creation through an application’s account sign-up processes in order to spam, commit payment fraud, spread malware, skew analytics or commit other types of fraud and abuse


Content and experience abuse

Including spamming user generated content (UGC), scalping or sniping inventory, skewing engagement metrics, and scraping data.


Payment fraud

Including carding, card cracking and cashing out (purchasing goods or obtaining cash with the use of validated stolen payment cards or other user account data).

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How does BotGuard for Applications work?

collect collect



BotGuard’s human verification engine collects and sends over 2500 client-side non-PII signals indicative of ‘human or not’ activity to HUMAN for processing.

decide decide



BotGuard’s real-time decision engine combines technical evidence and machine learning to deliver ‘human or not’ decisions with industry-leading speed and accuracy.

prevent prevent



BotGuard deploys ‘human or not’ decisions along with a recommended ‘block’, ‘allow’ or customizable mitigation action to automatically mitigate non-human activity.

report report



Insights identifying invalid traffic and threat category are available within minutes in the BotGuard Dashboard and via reporting API.

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Supported integrations:

Protects any web or mobile application

javascript-icon-png-23 [+ S2S API]


android sdk-1ios-mac


Content Delivery Network (CDN)

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Web Server


Identity and Access Management







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An overview of BotGuard for Applications

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"HUMAN takes a unique approach to detecting sophisticated bots. Their success in reducing advertising and marketing fraud has positioned them to be super helpful to security teams at stopping application fraud and to best protect against sophisticated bot attacks."


"HUMAN protects against sophisticated bot attacks from across the domains of cyber security, online advertising and marketing, giving the company an incredibly broad view of the nefarious activities on the Internet. They take a vastly different and the best approach I’ve seen to stopping sophisticated bot attacks as they can see patterns in data at significant scale that others can’t."


"With a history of protecting organizations from bot-based fraud, HUMAN is uniquely positioned to expand its capabilities into the application security space."

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“HUMAN is the definitive leader in protecting enterprises from sophisticated bot attacks. No other company comes close to their scale, their detection and threat intelligence expertise and track record. HUMAN's leadership in the 3ve takedown, the largest and complex criminal botnet group to date, is a testament on how security teams would benefit from the collective protection they offer.”

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