White Ops Named 2021 TAG Cyber Distinguished Vendor

New York City, NY – January 15, 2021 – White Ops, the leading provider of bot fraud and abuse mitigation, announces its selection by TAG Cyber as a Distinguished Vendor in the Q1 2021 Security Quarterly.

White Ops is part of an industry collective supporting democratization of cyber security research and information. Each Distinguished Vendor was selected by the TAG Cyber analyst team and agrees to support and promote the publication for free, available today for download at 

“We’re humbled to be included in the Quarterly and to work with the TAG team to provide unbiased, cutting-edge research to the security community,” said Andrew Rabie, Head of IT and Security at White Ops. “TAG Cyber has been an amazing partner in highlighting our unique value proposition to the market.” 

The 2021 Security Quarterly is part of a series from TAG Cyber that has been published each year since 2016. The publication offers expert guidance, analysis, and education across the entire cyber security ecosystem. 

“We are proud to feature Drew and his team at White Ops in the first-ever TAG Cyber Quarterly,” said Katie Teitler, Senior Analyst. “Their support is invaluable to us, and their groundbreaking work in humanizing the internet is making the internet be a safer place for individuals and businesses alike. Now, more than ever, this is a critical capability.”

White Ops Application Integrity protects sites and applications from digital fraud and abuse including account takeover attacks, new account fraud, fraudulent transactions and sensitive content scraping, preventing costly fraud losses while preserving user privacy and frictionless digital experiences.