Beachfront and White Ops Expand Partnership To Clean Up Connected TV Advertising

NEW YORK -- March 15, 2018 -- Beachfront, the leading independent video supply monetization company across Connected TV (CTV), desktop and mobile devices and White Ops, the global leader in bot detection and human verification on the Internet, are expanding their partnership to place an emphasis on ensuring clean, fraud-free Connected TV (CTV) video advertising inventory.

“Cord cutting and improved content discovery on connected TVs has led to rapid growth of mid-tail and long-tail content,” said Bill Jennings, CEO at Beachfront. “Especially since CTV ads are so reliable -- with upwards of 97% completion rates -- it’s extremely important we remain closely partnered with fraud-fighting industry leaders like White Ops as we relentlessly keep our promise ensure clean, brand-safe inventory across the CTV and digital video ecosystem.”  

The partnership helps ensure Beachfront’s cross-platform video inventory is backed by White Ops, which will provide third-party bot detection and Human Verification to Beachfront video inventory. In particular, the partnership aims to help the burgeoning market of mid- and long-tail premium video publishers provide an environment for advertisers that is protected from fraud.

“Video is still booming and attracting high CPMs, which means it is a very attractive area for cybercriminals,” said Michael Tiffany, President and Co-founder at White Ops. “We’re dedicated to fighting fraud and ensuring these expanding premium OTT video monetization opportunities remain clean. We are excited to partner with Beachfront, a leader in cross-platform video, in this battle.”

It’s no secret that OTT video continues to grow. Users doubled in 2017, and that number is only poised to continue climbing for 2018. Additionally, CTV had nearly 169 million viewers in 2017. That rise has continued to bring better programming to the table, and as a result, money toward advertising.

“Video is very cross-screen oriented -- and increasingly, we’re seeing audience-based buys across mobile, desktop and connected TVs,” added Beachfront Founder and Chief Product Officer Frank Sinton. “It’s important to provide trust and comfort to media buyers who are making bets against niche segments of people consuming content from mid-tail and long-tail publishers.”

As cord-cutting keeps growing, OTT is set to find itself at parity with traditional (cable/satellite) television in short order. With that shift comes a higher demand on video advertising quality and safety. Those are industry necessities that both Beachfront and White Ops continue to push as leaders into the future of streaming video inventory.

About Beachfront
Beachfront is the leading independent video supply monetization company across Connected TV (CTV), desktop and mobile devices, meeting the video distribution and monetization needs of publishers and advertisers across screens. The company's mobile-first platform enables great user experiences in today's demanding mobile video environment. For more information, visit

About White Ops
White Ops is a cybersecurity company that protects businesses from automated threats: actions like ad fraud, account takeovers and fake engagement conducted by malicious bots. Even if a bot perfectly impersonates human behaviors, White Ops’ Human Verification technology is able to detect it with precision and confidence. This ability, combined with a unique “white hat” perspective on the cybercriminal mindset, has led White Ops to become a trusted partner to some of the most iconic brands on the web like Adobe, The Trade Desk, Oath and more. Learn more at